Okay so I updated my wordpress plugins to have Classic Editor installed so anyway, here I am again!

Well anyway, I was on some kind of cleaning kick the last few days. I was trying to do some woo woo stuff and harness lunar eclipse energy to bring a new love into my life. And I read a ritual that was all about like, working on the feng shui of your bedroom to make it more appealing. SO I did think about that but really I just realized my bedroom needed cleaning. It was such a fucking mess. It looked like a storage locker with a bed in it. Anyway piles of clothes got put away, things got washed, it is much better. It’s feeling like a good place to be in. I even put a plant in there and some crystals. And I can take selfies with the mirror and it doesn’t look trashed behind me ha ha.

Anyway yeah. Then I also cleaned my living room. And that took a long time because there were piles of things in each section. And anyway, now it’s better also and I am happy about it. Ha ha although there’s socks and blankets beside me on the couch.

I did old laundry, took out garbage and recycling. I have more recycling to get rid of. And I still have ants which is frustrating.

Anyway, it’s clean now and I feel more open to meeting someone new or getting to know someone better or whatever is gonna happen that brings love in. It’s funny because in the last post I just wrote I was talking about going back to Boxing and being dubious about it, BUT at the same time I know it’s a good place to meet people. I think I am shy because I’d be going on my own for the first time. And I haven’t worked out in so long. BUT YEAH it would be nice to meet someone or even just get out and socialize with people I don’t know while exercising.

Ha ha I just realized I never did do any ritual about love during the eclipse tho, I just cleaned my house and smudged it with sweetgrass. Which is fine and all. But funny.

What else? Ah heck I dunno. There ARE exciting things happening but none of them are public so you are just gonna have to make do with stories of cleaning. And thinking about exercising.

I might lift weights tonight and shadow box at home if I don’t go out. I need to do something but I’m scared because of my foot healing. And it takes months to heal completely. I know it’s BEEN months, like, so long. But I’m still terrified I’ll accidentally do footwork and smash my foot again. I didn’t even hurt it exercising, I was just walking down the stairs to go to the store and I stepped on something I didn’t see.

Anyway yeah.

AHHH ha ha shit. I always feel bad for people who come to this website looking for an official art website. And it IS an official art website. BUT ALSO this is a longstanding art project, this blog thing, and it weirds people out, and it probably looks unprofessional. Ha ha yeah and if I get hits on it from being linked by reputable art sites I’m gonna be like “BLAH BLAH BLAH I cleaned all week because I want a girlfriend” and people would be like whut?

ANyWAY yeah things are good. I’m trying to read more and watch more tv and films. I watched Broad City this morning because I finally signed up for Crave. Now I have Netflix, Crave, and Amazon Prime. I’m all set up! I think the last show I binged watched though was American Gods. I haven’t really gotten into something since then. I need to give more media a chance. It’s embarrassing because it’s literally my medium and I know colleagues always are really devoted to watching stuff even stuff that sucks because they are always learning. And I’m just like, reading memes on Facebook and laughing. ANYWAY yes I am trying. I am trying! I did read all those books at my Mom’s. And I am reading another one right now, Heart Berries. It’s a memoir, I like it so far. It’s the second memoir I’ve read recently and it makes me want to write about my life in a more formal way. Anyway yeah.

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