Tender Feet

It’s over a week now since I broke my foot. I definitely feel better when my foot is up as opposed to when it’s on the floor or standing. It’s hard to keep it up all the time. I went to the courtyard yesterday with my friend Riki and we sat and played a game of cribbage. It was nice, I had never played cribbage before. I didn’t win but that was ok. I had pizza yesterday, like a frozen pizza in the oven kind of pizza.

Today my two producers from two different projects got in touch with me and I’m trying to get back into work. I gotta make a shot list for my doc, and keep working on my script for the other producer. I guess I had to feel bad about myself for a while, but also funders mean deadlines, and deadlines are coming up. So I’m working again, more than before. It’s probably good to keep my mind off my foot.

I’m supposed to go on a date next week, and go to Vancouver on Wednesday. I’m not really looking forward to travelling with my busted foot. I am hoping all goes okay. I asked someone else on a date too, but who knows! I’m just trying to be open to the universe right now. Kind of silly with a broken foot though. Like the things I can do are so limited. Can’t go dancing. Can’t go for long walks. Can’t play volleyball on the beach or go bowling or stand for long periods. I’m trying to remind myself that I’m still a fun person to be with and that there is A LOT I could do, like coffee or dinner or movies. My ex girlfriend told me about cast porn, so I watched some of that (but not much cause of bad internet) and it made me feel a little better. Maybe I can find a cast fetishist.

The internet is causing me heartache. I had to give up my DSL account and switch to cable, but cable hasn’t been installed yet. So I’m waiting on that. And it won’t happen until Thursday morning. I have all these videos to watch, which stresses me out. Ahhhhhhh! OMG!

Work stuff is stressful right now. I’m trying NOT to be stressed about it. I have so many things on the go, and only a few things I can actually do right now. My spoons count is so low these days and I have to prioritize the things I am getting paid for. Obviously. Especially since my bank account is going down. AND Egg Freezing stuff is still gonna happen and I gotta remember to head to the fertility clinic when I return from Vancouver. I’m so annoyed by all these trips I have to take right now. I know it’s nice, yay, travel is great. But I won’t be in top form until my trip to Australia in November, HOPEFULLY! So yeah, yikes. I wonder if I should get a wheelchair or that cart when I go to the airport. How do you get those carts?

Anyway I mostly wanted to write here because I AM feeling better, not so sad. Stressed but not despondent like I was. I need to find someone to do my laundry again this week. I hate feeling like I am asking too much of people. But I also am wearing dirty shorts and it’s like, gross. I have some other pairs I could change into tho. I’m just in a clothing rut.

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