Single Sex Life

Ha ha ok so I haven’t done a super TMI thing here in a while. But I kind of wanted to do something, so be aware I’m gonna be talking a LOT about masturbation in this post. And it’s like, yeah, avert your eyes if you can’t handle it ha ha.

SO I’ve been technically single for a LONG ass time. Like I had a couple of lovers in my 30’s, but really really briefly, and not really ongoing relationships with them. And I had some weird quasi relationships but not sex with a couple of other women. Like really, I don’t even know how to describe those situations. So I don’t really count them as girlfriends. Either way, I have been pretty solitary basically all of my 30’s, except for those Whatever relationships. And I guess I didn’t realize until more recently that some women, when they are single, and they say they have no sex life, they really mean it. Like, I don’t go around having one night stands anymore, but technically you could say I still have a sex life since I still have orgasms on a pretty regular/daily basis.

I’m kind of shocked that there are women who don’t take things into their own hands. I get SUPER SQUIRRELLY if I don’t have an orgasm for a few days. Like it just starts making me feel kind of crazy and frustrated. And usually it only happens if I have family staying with me that I don’t have orgasms, or like I’m travelling and sharing a room with someone. And I know I could go in the bathroom and do it, but ugh, yeah, no, not with people around.

Anyway, being single and having a sex life, even as a solitary person, is kind of important for me. Like I would love to have a partner, but whether or not I have someone I am DEFINITELY still gonna have orgasms. I used to be hardcore into Hitachi Magic Wands. But since I got a lelo however many years ago, I’ve gotten more used to that. And the vibration strength of those two toys are VERY different. There used to be this time I kind of overloaded myself on the Hitachi and I was having a hard time coming even with that. It was pretty brutal, omg. It’s like my vibration tolerance was just super high and it made things really difficult. Anyway, over the last while I’ve mostly been using this lower speeded lelo vibrator, and it’s made me way more sensitive. Only now I’m too sensitive for the Hitachi and that kind of gets to be too much too fast.

But all of this to say I noticed I get stuck in routines. Like right now it’s the Lelo routine, and I think because I’m usually super sleepy when I need to orgasm that I just pick the easiest way to do it. And I remember when I was in my 20’s and more adventurous I would do it in the afternoons and use toys way differently.

Before I had the end of relationship fight with my then best friend, I had tried to do an estimate of the dollar figure without depreciation on all the toys I have that still work. I’ve got at least $2000 worth of toys. Like that’s been accumulating over two decades though, and some of those are leather gear and shit. But like, a good dildo can run up to 100 bucks. And same with good vibrators. I bought one vibrator I kind of regret because it was for penetration and too thick, but I’m embarrassed to say how much it was. OMG. ANYWAY my point is, I could easily start having more creative masturbation sessions. And I’m really sad that any time I get turned on when I’m alone it’s either before bed when I’m too tired to do super adventure sex, or when I’m waking up and still too sleepy to do crazy fun times.

I know they tell couples who have been together for ages and ages that they have to make time for sex and stuff like that, like it’s not supposed to just be this routine chore before sleeping, like the dishes. And that is probably good advice for a single person like me too. I guess I’ve just noticed I’m not as constantly in the mood as I used to be in my 20s. Like in my 20’s there could be a good breeze in my hair and I’d start wanting sex. Now it’s like, almost always those two times of the day, and once in a while during a point of the day when I could actually maybe have fun times with more than one toy.

It’s probably also because I have a lot of work these days. It seems like I should be working, not literally jerking off. Ha ha. Anyway! THAT REMINDS ME I really should get back to work.

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