I was busy with TQFF the last few days, which was fun. I saw most of the films before, but it was nice being around and sometimes helping and sometimes feeling deeply socially awkward because that’s the kind of person I am! 😀 Ha ha you have to own that kind of stuff I guess.

I’m going to be working on my Canada Council Research/Creation grant application to try and finish this video game I was working on. I was going to get back to working on it anyway, BUT if I could get living allowance while I do it and some bucks to throw at some helpers that would be nice. Also having Photoshop would help for making assets. I toy with the idea of getting a Cintiq but I am totally not that involved in illustrating normally, and also the beginning of my video game is already made with scanned in drawings that are processed so it would kind of ruin it in terms of continuity.

My head hurts. It’s warm again today. I curse it! Ha ha jk.

I have an extension on my writing, so I’m going to work more on it and give it space to breathe a bit and then polish it up for my editor in July when he is free again. I need to be a bit more ruthless, it’s on the borders of being a thriller or a horror but it’s not horrific enough for horror although it definitely could go that route. I don’t watch a lot of horror is the thing, I am sometimes surprised I’m even writing about this topic, although I feel like I know the story intimately now after working with it for so long.

The pups are fine. I am fine. I am doing WAY better than last weekend and feel more like myself and safer. I’m glad that was over so quick.

I’m going to Vancouver this week! Just for a few days. I get to see old friends and old girlfriends (ha ha ok only one old girlfriend) and do arty job things like show my newest experimental video Thirza Cuthand is an Indian Within the Meaning of the Indian Act. And I guess do some press. My friend Lynn has promised to make me a cake! 😀 Looking forward to a whirlwind trip! The pups are going to my cousin’s house.

I’ve been so busy I’m down to boxer briefs. Which I hate. I don’t know if I have spoons or time to do laundry today, so I might be down to Pilsbury Doughboy Boxers tomorrow which is when I know it’s gone way too far. I am running out of my nice tshirts too, everything else is political and confrontational and I try to avoid wearing them just wandering around my neighbourhood because I don’t want to get hassled. I’m a chicken!

Things are nice though, I am feeling like I have more connections to people, and a friend and I might see each other tonight, and I have an air conditioner on order so this summer should be miles better than last. Mom is coming next week, after I get back from Vancouver. She has an opening at the AGO she wants to be at, and then just some mother-daughter visiting. With air conditioning. Can you tell the air conditioning is very important?

Anyway, every thing has been super gayyyyyyyyy around here. I’d say Queerrrrrr but that doesn’t look as good as Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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