Waiting for my New Macbook Pro and it’s Release!

So I am sitting on a brand new couch from Ikea, with my foot on a brand new bench from Ikea, pretty happy with these things! It’s a super comfortable couch, I haven’t had a nap on it yet, but I am sure that will be pretty awesome when I finally do.

I’ve been waiting for my Macbook. I was going to order it, then heard they may be announcing all new Macbook Pro’s tomorrow. I’ve been holding off for a while. I really need a new Macbook Pro too because while I was in Winnipeg my Macbook started acting up and the YUIO keys alternately do and don’t work. And that’s like, three sometimes four vowels, so it really fucked with me. I have some writing work to do, so I was like freaking out and looking up every possible fix to get it working again. It looks like it’s a hardware problem though. I have an appointment with the Apple Store genius bar tomorrow, but I think I need to cancel it because I NEED to write a 20 page outline in the next two weeks, AND I have to shoot and edit a video this week. So I gotta keep it all at home, and not having ANY laptop would just screw up this crucial writing and video production week I have right now. I did go out and buy an external keyboard, which is saving my skin. I am writing on it right now, YUIO keys work no problem. It’s an awkward set up, but it’s working and temporary and as soon as I get a new Macbook Pro I can take this in to get fixed properly. Although it’s like, such a garbage laptop. 🙁

Today is the world Premiere of Riki and I’s video The Longform Lesbian Census, which should be fun. It’s at Buddies In Bad Times and a bunch of people are screening there.

I am waiting for some cheques! 😀 I hope they show up soon.

I am currently OFF welfare, because my assets are too high to qualify right now. But they said I could go back on when they get under 2500. I am going to try and stay off for a while though, I’m getting paid for my writing near the end of summer so if I can just hang on until then I’ll be ok! I’m really happy to be off Welfare, but also anxious about cash flow. I can still go through with my ODSP hearing though. I need to talk to legal aid though.

We got our plane tickets to Glasgow this past week. We head there, then go around Scotland, then Auntie Beth goes home and Mom and I head over to London. We were thinking of leaving from Glasgow, but London has flights leaving from Gatwick with Westjet, so we are going on one of those planes. I think it’s actually quite a smaller plane than the usual ones I have been on to go overseas. I guess we’ll see! More shit happened in London last night, which sucks. But I’m still determined to go! I know the threat level is really high right now. But, I dunno. I’m going to try and trust the universe.

I got some really good notes from my editor, so I am going to do some writing this afternoon before I go out. I need to get a foot back into it. Even if I wrote one paragraph today it would be a better start than where I am now. For me it’s always the first sentence that is the hardest, I over think it and make it all complicated, and then when I get into actually writing the thing it goes way better.

I also have to finish writing my monologue for the video I am shooting this week. I have some ideas floating around, but I haven’t really sat down to make a concrete plan for it. And I am getting the camera tomorrow, so I gotta be on the ball about this. It will be the third (and possibly final) video I have made in 2017. If I DO make more videos this year, it will probably be me finally finishing up my Webseries. But that needs more work still.

I have to get a draft of my script done this summer for the next Telefilm deadline. So the pressure is on! I know I can do it, I just want the outline to give me a good blueprint for my writing. It’s good for me to have deadlines though, I work well under pressure because of my ADHD. It’s a strange thing.

I had to cancel my Montreal trip in August. But maybe I will be able to go in July for a few days. I’m waiting to see if my other friend can put me up in her spare room. I also have to be here for the Blondie concert on July 26th. There are so many things happening this summer!

OMG I am so excited to get a new Macbook Pro. I really hope they release them asap!

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