Going home for ten days, or Leaving home for ten days?

Today I did a talk at Gamma Space for a meetup put on by Akimbo and Charles Street Video. It seemed to go well. Jennie from Dames Making Games asked if I was still interested in taking my video game further, and I am, so she said I could drop in and have people help me with my coding. So I am going to once June is over and I have free time again. I’m so busy these days. But July marks the time when my schedule starts freeing up again.

I sent in Draft 2 of this outline to my story editor. I think the end is more interesting. Not sure it’s THERE yet, but closer I hope. I had to think about it a lot, but the end before was about 443 words, and now it’s about 1100 words or so. So it’s a big increase. And I think I feel more satisfied with how it ends.

Tomorrow I head off to my family in Saskatoon. With the dogs. I have a neighbour checking in on my plants. I went on a plant buying spree and got a few more to improve my living space. I am pretty happy with them. I hope I can keep them alive. I have kept the aloe plant alive for a year or so, so that’s a good sign.

I have some animating work to do next month, and finishing this OTHER video for a festival screening in June. So there’s still things to do.

I’m hoping to see some old friends this year, I am going to Vancouver in June and Montreal in August. Montreal is purely a hang out with friends trip. I want to see my friend Robin, and Irene, and Shavonne, and maybe someone else. Vancouver’s a work trip, but I am going to see some friends out there too. Like Lynn, and my ex Amber Dawn, and Stephanie. And probably other people. I also got one of those Canada 150 park passes, so I am hoping one of my friends and I can go drive to a national park and have a doggy adventure. Somewhere in there I am going to see Blondie and Garbage.

Oh god I am so tired. I had better go to bed. Tomorrow I have to clean and pack still. I’m debating on bringing or leaving my audio equipment. On one hand, it might be nice to record ambient prairie sounds. On the other hand I have some light fingered cousins who help themselves to my things, even ones costing hundreds of dollars.

It’s weird going home. I feel like my life is in Toronto, so it’s a big interruption to leave it behind. On the other hand, there is a REASON I am going there, for my Grandparent’s feast. And I already have plane tickets leaving from there to go to Winnipeg. So it makes sense.

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