Rundown of the things I am doing and wanting

Soooo ha ha, I thought maybe I should go back to talking about my work for a while since I won that award and I know sometimes people use this site for my publicity. Well, I am doing a lot of writing, a lot of video viewing, a lot of plotting my next three video shoots. I have to shoot a phone camera based video this month, and near the end of the month/next weekend shoot my 2 Spirit video. I need to find two more actresses tho. And maybe someone to press the camera button. I have my video about being light skinned to shoot in May to try and get it done for June. There is no try only do! Also I am collaborating with my Mom on a stop motion animation of some of her beaded microbes for a residency/show in June in Ottawa. So that will be interesting.

It’s kind of funny but good that all this work is piled on right now, along with my main job of writing my script. Because I know there’s going to be this lull after June when I am all done and can relax and that is something I am really looking forward to. Plus then I can focus on submitting all this work to other festivals, and probably working on some more grants for MORE work to do.

I didn’t get welfare this past month because I didn’t need it, which was nice. I won’t get it again next month because I still don’t need it. Having an income is really nice, even though it is patchy. Next week a big cheque is supposed to come to help me make one of these videos. That’s cool!

Today I mostly cleaned my house, but like, a deep spring cleaning clean. I got rid of some clutter and washed places that haven’t been washed in months. Took out so much recycling and garbage. It was such a beautiful day today. Tomorrow I’m going to a friend’s for roast beef.

I did some window shopping for equipment to buy, like a new Macbook Pro and a Zoom recorder and I even looked at an iPhone 7 but geezus it’s a lot of money. :/ On the other hand I need a new phone. But that is a lot of money! I know my current phone is gonna be obsolete soon. And the battery is dying faster these days. I would probably love my phone when I got it. But I might put it off a while still. I did figure out I need to buy it outright because the plan I am on would not be offered if I signed up for a term to get a discount. Like, it would be more money and every month I would have to pay it and I’m worried during a lean time I would get my phone cut off. It’s way pricier than what I pay now and for less options. I guess it’s good to research.

1 thought on “Rundown of the things I am doing and wanting

  1. My advice re. a phone is to get a used iPhone that’s a few generations old. That way you can still do all the new things, run the latest OS and all that but it’ll be half the price or less.
    The same with Zoom recorders. So many people buy them and then don’t use them much and sell them a few years later for way cheap. If you know what models have the features you need and what to look for when evaluating you can save a lot of money. Then again, if you’ve received a grant to buy this stuff, getting new means a receipt and a warranty so…
    Great that you’re doing stuff again and things are getting busy. I’m curious about your one about being light skinned. I’ve thought of doing something about being a dark skinned white person but the idea didn’t go very far since I’m not hassled because of it anymore.
    And beaded microbes??? !!!

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