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I’m not sure what to write about here today. I’ve just been working, thinking, being SUPER busy. Busy is good for me tho. I helped out at a workshop yesterday for QTPOC filmmaking. Next weekend I am doing a workshop on Stop Motion Animation. I know the principles of stop motion, but I haven’t touched the technology people are using now, so my co-facilitator knows that part, which is cool cause then I will learn something too.

Also at the workshop yesterday I learned that DaVinci Resolve is now a free program, that you can order decent lenses for your iPhone from China for cheap, and that this app called Filmic Pro is AMAZING for shooting video with your phone and the same app the Tangerine crew used to shoot with. It couldn’t come at a better time because I need to shoot and edit and deliver a video using my phone for May 8th. I downloaded it yesterday and I’m already blown away!

Little Mister has been extra cute the last while. He’s just a nice little dog to spend time with. Posey is also nice, to me at least. They have a new dog sitter for next weekend, so I really hope it works out better. They are going to my cousin’s house in Hamilton. I hope she can handle them!

I’ve talked in four university classes the last two weeks. One day I had two classes to talk in, which was so weird because I felt redundant giving the same lecture about my career. I’ve put my first ever video online, so it’s nice to be able to start out with that one and explain the situation in 1995, how there were no representations of teenage lesbians in the media, etc etc. And how scandalous that video was to conservatives who only read the title.

That’s a common problem with conservatives, they read titles of art or films or whatever and then have cows based on that. Like, watch the film/look at the art! Of course that doesn’t make much of a difference either.

I’ve discovered something this week though about my older more controversial work. It seems really tied in with being a teen/young and talking about sex and sexuality. Like I think that was the intersection that upset people the most, Queer youth talking about sex and desire. Now that I am no longer a youthy person, I don’t make work where that intersection happens. So it’s not as big a deal. So interesting! And it’s kind of funny because so many heterosexual teen films feature sex and sexuality in them, and I think the het part of it made it safe and “universal” whatever that means. But Queers? Nope! In fact, you should just have straight sex until you’re more mature. Fuck that!

Ha ha anyway, it’s been an interesting few days. I have to really get this writing assignment done. I might be stuck actually, I think I need to get feedback. Ahhhhhhhh! Ha ha, no it’s fun being creative. It sucks being poor. But that’s a temporary condition.

I’m excited because I can divulge information here soon about something cool. I don’t know when tho! This month sometime!

Life is good, it got warmer finally. I found out my friend Riki is staying here longer because she got into school, so that’s nice cause I like hanging out with her. We went to see Get Out and these women were talking next to her and she told them to shut up and was really assertive and it was cool, I’m so bad with conflict and being assertive. Like someone will be an ass and I smile and nod and then shit talk them when they’re gone. Oh man now no one is gonna trust me when I smile and nod! Anyway, maybe I will learn to deal with conflict the older I get.

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