ADHD Confirmed

HEY! So I saw the psychiatrist on Thursday and we went over my symptoms and how long they have been present (as long as I can remember, so long that it seems normal), and then he agreed that I likely have ADHD and that it would be good to treat it.

So he suggested Vyvanse, or I could take Concerta or Adderall. I read a bit on Vyvanse though and it’s appealing to me because it’s extended release dexedrine so I can feel the effects over the course of the day instead of just for half the day. Of course I might really hate that, we’ll see.

He says as long as I continue to take my other medications there shouldn’t be an issue with my mood disorder acting all fucky. And he is the Mood Disorders psychiatrist, so I feel like he should know. I’m still gonna try doing regular check ins with myself to see if things are feeling grandiose or magical or speedy.

I have to go back to my GP for the prescription, which won’t happen for at least another week. So I don’t know how it will feel yet. I’m excited for things to change, I’ve been reading about how people feel when they finally get medicated and it looks good. There’s still going to be things I have to do on my own to make accommodations, but it will definitely help.

Ahh geez I wanted to make this post a big fancy blab, but it looks like this is going to be a short snappy post instead!

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