Listen sweaty!

Okay, so I wrote the smallest snip of a blog post while I was at mom’s but now it is irrelevant since I am back home with my pups. We had a good time in Saskatoon I guess. Didn’t see as many people as I had hoped to see though, and Mom is coming here for Christmas so I’m not going back there until the spring or something! That’s like, six months away or something! I hung out with my friend Amy Jo and we went to Peaches with her partner Rob and ran into some other friends there on my last night.

I got to sleep in my own bed last night, which made me SO Happy because I was sleeping in my old childhood twin bed for my two weeks in Saskatoon, and it was hard! So small, PLUS two dogs.

And even better is that the terrible heat is gone, it’s way cooler and so I got to use a duvet and not just be naked like I was all of August. Naked and sweaty and sticky.

I worked really hard today! I filled out a grant application, wrote a project description, got someone to agree to be my consultant/specialist for my project, fixed up my art cv for the grant and my executive producer, filled out another form, and now I am just chilling. Worked for about six hours straight! Tomorrow I am going to work on my video game, because I need to be done by Saturday. Or closer to done anyway. I want to be done by then so I can get paid.

I was editing my resume and trying to remember dates for things. There’s kind of been a lot of stuff that has happened! I’m happy about that I guess.

Wellbutrin’s been doing well I guess. I think it will be 3 or 4 weeks on Thursday. I can’t remember now. I could look at this blog and check but blah. The seasons are changing which is making me sleepier than usual. No wonder my spirit animal is a bear, I want to hibernate for winter too. And get really fat on berries first. And hide in a cave/den.

The pups are doing well, they were happy to come home. I haven’t got their wet food yet because I’m temporarily broke, but they don’t really care anyway, which is good, and are eating their dry food.

God I really am glad the heatwaves here are done and over. That was a brutal couple of months. You know, I really REALLY resisted getting an air conditioner, but I hate to say it, I may have to next year. 🙁

I slept for 11 hours last night. Now it’s 1:32am and I am still awake. I need to get this sorted out!

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