My newish video also working on learning and cleaning

The little birds are having a big fight outside. Like a turf war or something.

I went to my video game thing last night, it was very interesting! We worked out a smaller version of my game that is still interesting and I figured out what the goal is in it so that’s good. Now it’s a collecting game. Still about bipolar disorder! Anyways, I am going to be learned this program called Unity to make it. So that’s cool! I downloaded it already, I’m not sure if I downloaded right cause it had all these options for different options. Anyways, we’ll see!


I finally figured out how to start a project in Unity. I had to start an account and press the alt key when I opened it and anyway, I have it working now. BUT THEN I decided to watch a video about programming before I do the tutorial to learn 2D design. Soooo I watched about half the video then got interested in other things going on in internet land.

I have un-password protected my video 2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99, because I didn’t get into some festivals that demand videos be password protected so I was like “Fuckit!” and anyway, as of this writing I have had 253 plays in like, 7 hours or whatever. You can find the link on my videos page here! Also I may as well embed it in this post. Here ya go!

2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99 from Thirza Cuthand on Vimeo.

Also I found out I got into a festival! Details to follow.

I have a dirty apartment. OMG it’s so dirty. I need to pick up in here. It’s driving me mad!

Anyway I am gonna go clean!

1 thought on “My newish video also working on learning and cleaning

  1. I love the video. Yay!
    It’s like what you wish you had earlier in your life. Make a film about the world you would like to see.

    I want some saskatoon pie now too.. Thanks. I think I have a jar of saskatoon jam here somewhere though. Spread it on toast. Close enough.

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