No TERFS on my Turf

Newsflash: I pay for this website. I actually own this domain name. I built this website. While it is a WordPress powered website it is a stand alone website. I see your ip addresses and email addresses when you leave comments. I am not required to allow you a space for transphobic hate and vitriol on my own webpage. If you really want to express yourself, buy a domain name and run your own hateful little blog somewhere in some greasy corner of the internet. I don’t have to listen to you tell me who and what I am, especially not you TERFy colonialist white women who don’t understand First Nation Gender variance.

This is notice that I don’t feel the least bit of guilt deleting hateful comments. This is a transfriendly place for me to express myself and if you don’t like what I write you are free to fuck off to another webpage.

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