Queen of the Overshare

I like talking about myself online because otherwise I would talk about everyone else and I would lose all my friends.


No, but seriously I’ve talked before here about how I basically reveal all these personal things online and part of that is just my blogging practice and it bleeds into other more sociable media than me just standing here on my soapbox in this corner of the internet. So like, my instagram, although usually pretty tame, is also just overshare of things I see or do on a daily basis.

But I’m not like, showing off my personal lubrication or just used sex toys or anything wild.

BUT OH MY GOD this last week I took a topless selfie that was really just my head and shoulders and FUCK so many irritating dudes are like, sending me message requests. Where do these losers come from? What makes them think my bare shoulders is an invitation to people I don’t even know??? OH MY GOD! And anyway, I had some saucy hashtags that went with my selfie but I took them all off when all these thirsty cis-het losers showed up AND THEY ARE STILL SHOWING UP!

So UGH I’m debating with myself if I should make my instagram private. And I’m just continuing with regular programming. Today I took pics of a dirty bathtub from washing Little Mister, and my Grandma’s old anglican church lady cook book. And I’m hoping that is non-sexy enough for these loserdudes to stop trying to message me.

AND the most annoying thing is I wish I could just make a post that’s like “Dudes I’m a lesbian go away it’s never gonna happen” but cis-het men are so GROSS that that would encourage them! OMG! Like honestly, I could post a picture of a literal shit in my toilet and they would still be all excited.

And none of you readers better message me saying I like it cause that is fucking sexist and gross and disgusting.

I wish I could put a filter on my instagram where only queer women would see certain posts. Cause someone did like that picture whose like I appreciated and it wasn’t any of the dudelosers who are sending me message requests.

Lez put it this way, if you are not already mutual followers with me on instagram don’t even bother contacting me. That is the basic number one rule.

EXCEPT if it is about a pic of one of my dogs and you run an instagram for your dog. That is ok. That is mutually satisfying dog-owners-of-instagram fellowship. We can share pics back and forth of our dogs all day.

So I was advised to hide my photos because employers troll through the internet looking for what their workers are doing, or people they may hire. And yes, that is a problem. But you know what? I’ve also been making queer video for twenty years so I have about ten pages or more of google results and if someone really wants to do some digging there is more interesting stuff than my shoulders. PLUS this website is the first result because the url is my actual name.

Maybe I should go by a different name for employers. Anyone want to help me come up with a neutral work name?

I’m leaning towards Agnes Lennan or Eleanor Dunnett.

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