What a difference a day makes

I don’t want to talk about the crappy things that aren’t going my way. Like finding (or not finding) a dumbass job. OK in case a potential employer googles me and finds this, I KNOW jobs aren’t dumbass and I could be a really good worker given the chance. I just think jobs that are elusive are dumbass because they are elusive. It’s simple broke bitterness I tells ya!

Although I have gotten some further questions from someone who wants me to apply for a really sweet short term job in the near future. So I am not hopeless just yet!

But seriously, I have been watching a lot of television dramas. I finally got caught up with How To Get Away With Murder, and I am half way through the second season of Transparent. A friend is sharing her Shomi account with me so I am finally checking it out and seeing if my family would be interested in investing in a new streaming service. Steven, Mom, and I still share a Netflix account, and now we have started to include Deanna, my other cousin. We are getting our money’s worth I think! But basically Transparent is not on Netflix and it is on Shomi which is the main reason I am checking it out. Also I have heard good things about Jane the Virgin.

++++++++++++++++++ THE NEXT DAY +++++++++++++++++

Sometimes I start a blog post and then I get all sleepy and go to bed like humans are known to do. Which is what happened yesterday.

Anyway, today I went to Timmies to get a roll up the rim cup because it’s a mild gambling thing and you for sure get a coffee. Walking back home I was listening to tunes on my iPhone and I got a call from a 416 number. It was the government calling me about my application to work for the Census! So I answered a bunch of questions and basically I have a test on Friday at 2pm. It’s actually for one of the full time positions. I was kind of flabbergasted to get my first call back about a job, so I feel like I have more questions for them. And it’s only a temporary job, BUT they were interested in possibly hiring me in a supervisory position. Which would be really awesome!

The funny thing is this would be the same time as another job which is going to be posted soon, so I would be working two jobs (but one has way shorter hours and responsibilities and would be a shorter amount of time). BUT ALSO I would make a pretty decent amount of money in a short time which I could live on for the rest of the summer and I dunno, somehow I think I could do it!

It has to be said tho, I don’t OFFICIALLY have any of these jobs yet. But what if I did! It would be really nice to be recognized as someone who could be a good worker. I haven’t had a full time job in a long time, I did do full time University though last year. Which I somehow survived. OH MANS!

I’m not exactly sure when this Census job starts though, it might be a couple months off still. I know for sure the Census starts in May. I don’t know if they train us before then. I looked at the sample test on their website and I got all the answers right, so I feel positive about my chances.

My psychic said I would be in a position where there are two jobs I interview for and one is my dream job and the other one is just a good job that I get an offer for (and both are contract gigs) and I have to decide if I am going to hold off until I hear back from the dream job. So we’ll see.

OH YEAH! My psychic reading was awesome. I heard some very encouraging things about my future love life and things that might be going on now with someone she really liked. I found out I would be financially stable in the not too distant future but it’s going to be a few weeks before I get call backs (but mind you the reading was a few weeks ago and a call back has already happened!). I found out I am gonna have two kids with a partner! One is a five year old boy with light brown hair with copper in it and he’s an interesting kid, and then someone comes after. She didn’t see the little boy as a baby though, so she thinks he shows up in my life as a five year old. And the partner and I are really good together, she saw maybe a few relationships before then. And I only have one dog when I get my kids, so I guess it’s after Little Mister’s era. He will be eleventy in May, so hopefully he’s around at least four more years! I hope so!

OH! And I asked about doing a PhD, and she said something really sensible which is that it would postpone my creative projects. And considering how long a PhD takes, I kind of lean towards not wanting to postpone everything for that long. So it was a good viewpoint to see.

My Student Loans are up for repayment on March 1st. I have a repayment assistance application in, so hopefully I get some interest taken off for a while. I still don’t want to let them go into default just IN CASE I change my mind about higher education someday. Because you never know.

Oh yeah, anyway I was all happy about this job call back, but I didn’t win on roll up the rim. Which is okay really, because at least I have gotten a free coffee and a free donut this year.

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