Monthly Archives: February 2016

What a difference a day makes

I don’t want to talk about the crappy things that aren’t going my way. Like finding (or not finding) a dumbass job. OK in case a potential employer googles me and finds this, I KNOW jobs aren’t dumbass and I could be a really good worker given the chance. I just think jobs that are elusive are dumbass because they are elusive. It’s simple broke bitterness I tells ya!

Although I have gotten some further questions from someone who wants me to apply for a really sweet short term job in the near future. So I am not hopeless just yet!

But seriously, I have been watching a lot of television dramas. I finally got caught up with How To Get Away With Murder, and I am half way through the second season of Transparent. A friend is sharing her Shomi account with me so I am finally checking it out and seeing if my family would be interested in investing in a new streaming service. Steven, Mom, and I still share a Netflix account, and now we have started to include Deanna, my other cousin. We are getting our money’s worth I think! But basically Transparent is not on Netflix and it is on Shomi which is the main reason I am checking it out. Also I have heard good things about Jane the Virgin.

++++++++++++++++++ THE NEXT DAY +++++++++++++++++

Sometimes I start a blog post and then I get all sleepy and go to bed like humans are known to do. Which is what happened yesterday.

Anyway, today I went to Timmies to get a roll up the rim cup because it’s a mild gambling thing and you for sure get a coffee. Walking back home I was listening to tunes on my iPhone and I got a call from a 416 number. It was the government calling me about my application to work for the Census! So I answered a bunch of questions and basically I have a test on Friday at 2pm. It’s actually for one of the full time positions. I was kind of flabbergasted to get my first call back about a job, so I feel like I have more questions for them. And it’s only a temporary job, BUT they were interested in possibly hiring me in a supervisory position. Which would be really awesome!

The funny thing is this would be the same time as another job which is going to be posted soon, so I would be working two jobs (but one has way shorter hours and responsibilities and would be a shorter amount of time). BUT ALSO I would make a pretty decent amount of money in a short time which I could live on for the rest of the summer and I dunno, somehow I think I could do it!

It has to be said tho, I don’t OFFICIALLY have any of these jobs yet. But what if I did! It would be really nice to be recognized as someone who could be a good worker. I haven’t had a full time job in a long time, I did do full time University though last year. Which I somehow survived. OH MANS!

I’m not exactly sure when this Census job starts though, it might be a couple months off still. I know for sure the Census starts in May. I don’t know if they train us before then. I looked at the sample test on their website and I got all the answers right, so I feel positive about my chances.

My psychic said I would be in a position where there are two jobs I interview for and one is my dream job and the other one is just a good job that I get an offer for (and both are contract gigs) and I have to decide if I am going to hold off until I hear back from the dream job. So we’ll see.

OH YEAH! My psychic reading was awesome. I heard some very encouraging things about my future love life and things that might be going on now with someone she really liked. I found out I would be financially stable in the not too distant future but it’s going to be a few weeks before I get call backs (but mind you the reading was a few weeks ago and a call back has already happened!). I found out I am gonna have two kids with a partner! One is a five year old boy with light brown hair with copper in it and he’s an interesting kid, and then someone comes after. She didn’t see the little boy as a baby though, so she thinks he shows up in my life as a five year old. And the partner and I are really good together, she saw maybe a few relationships before then. And I only have one dog when I get my kids, so I guess it’s after Little Mister’s era. He will be eleventy in May, so hopefully he’s around at least four more years! I hope so!

OH! And I asked about doing a PhD, and she said something really sensible which is that it would postpone my creative projects. And considering how long a PhD takes, I kind of lean towards not wanting to postpone everything for that long. So it was a good viewpoint to see.

My Student Loans are up for repayment on March 1st. I have a repayment assistance application in, so hopefully I get some interest taken off for a while. I still don’t want to let them go into default just IN CASE I change my mind about higher education someday. Because you never know.

Oh yeah, anyway I was all happy about this job call back, but I didn’t win on roll up the rim. Which is okay really, because at least I have gotten a free coffee and a free donut this year.

Scanning the want ads e’ryday!

So grant money is running low and I gotta spend some still on renting equipment for my shoots in April. And rent money is coming out soon! Scary shit man! Money is in need indeed!

So I’ve been cruising the want ads, sending in resumes and cover letters and references and I have lost track of how many jobs I have applied to. At least six, if not more. Probably more than that. OMG I just checked that’s all I have applied for! NO WAIT! I think I applied for seven. OK no it was nine actually. I know I know, I should spread my net wider. I’m trying for jobs I would be good at. Today I applied for my dream job! Which I am not gonna tell you anything about!

Artist fees are supposed to come this month, that’s something to look forward to!

Little Mister is doing awesome, he’s a happy guy. Posey is likewise also doing awesome. She’s being adorbs. My bratty dog-children!

I don’t want to get pooh poohed for this (but really who reads this anyway?) But I am getting a reading from my favourite psychic Barb Mather soon! LIKE, in a week! 😀 That’s a smiley face cause I am excited! I’m paying for it with the refund I got from my Nina Hagen tickets which got cancelled. I think it’s appropriate! It’s been four years since the last one. I want to know about my career, love, if I am gonna go back to school AGAIN, and if I am gonna have kids or not. I always get these readings when I am at a real crossroads in my life.

There’s a big opportunity I am applying for this spring too. I’m nervous, cause I only get one chance. But my script is as ready as it’s ever gonna be and I want to see if I can get some help. SOOOO I will let you know if I fail or get a great opportunity.

I’ve been breaking even on the ratio of rejections to interest in my newest video. Surprisingly I have actually been approached to screen it more than I have in the past. I’m also fast discovering that international interest isn’t really there in countries that don’t have Indigenous populations. They just don’t get/care about 2 Spirit issues. SO I am redirecting my submissions to North American queer festivals and Native festivals. I know where I’m not wanted! Ha ha ha.

I’m sure I have some more rejections coming down the pipe!

I am supremely enjoying my apartment. I love it more every day. I think in the spring I’m gonna try and spend more time on my sun porch. I finally put my rug down. I’m hoping it works to reduce noise for the downstairs tenant.

I think I am ready to have a full time job. I’ve been building up to it. I did full time school. And I graduated! So surely I can do a job again. I was getting disability back in Saskatoon, but also I was dealing with a lot of health concerns back then. And I’ve been good for a long time now.

My dream jobs I’ve been applying for are contract jobs. I’m mostly concerned with getting some good skills and references and to see that I can do a good job. Maybe they will hire me permanently if I do well. We’ll see.

Anyway, everyday I write, look for work, and watch tv. I’ve gotten hardcore into How To Get Away With Murder. I haven’t been obsessed with a tv show in a long time, so it’s fun.