Goodbye 2015 . . .

So I guess I will write about all the things that happened to me this past year.

OK, not all the things. Some of them I just don’t remember so well, and some I don’t want to remember.

I finished a masters of arts in media production! I wrote a feature film script! I learned a lot of things. I moved into a co-op and fell in love with my new neighbourhood, Cabbagetown. I made some new friends. I scratched some scratch and wins and won and lost and won and lost.

I saw a falcon at the Necropolis where I take my pups for a walk every day. It was big, and didn’t eat my dogs thank god!

I finally got to read an academic essay written about my work, in particular my video Boi Oh Boi, and it made me feel validated, especially since a lot of people don’t really ‘get’ Boi Oh Boi. I will post a link to that soon!

I went to Paris with Mom, who complained about a lot of things, and we saw trios of soldiers armed with automatic weapons patrolling various places. And 11 days after we got home the big terrorist attack happened there. Which explained all the soldiers.

I went to Manitoulin Island and mentored some aboriginal female youth in making Super 8 films at Weengushk Film Institute with Female Eye Film Festival. It was fun and good and the films so far are turning out awesome.

I got a residency at Charles Street Video with ImagineNATIVE and made a short called “2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99” and it has screened at ImagineNATIVE and it’s screening in San Francisco and Palm Springs next year.

Next year is a day away! Less than that!

I told a crush I liked her but she wasn’t interested. I got another crush who probably knows I like her but I haven’t said anything. I have probably blushed though. I DID NOT get into a romantic relationship this past year. But that’s ok, because it’s nothing new.

I spent a lot of time with my mother the last few months, I saw her here in Saskatoon for two weeks in September, we went to Paris together, she came to Toronto for a week when I graduated and screened my video. And now I am here again for the next 12 days and previous couple of weeks for the holidays. And when I get back I won’t see her for months again.

I got a Canada Council grant to write a screenplay about addictions at Christmas!

I got a Toronto Art Council grant to make two more 2 Spirit videos!

I’m waiting to hear from Ontario Art Council!

I’m still trying to find the ultimate part time job that will let me make a decent income AND be a mostly full time artist. I’ve been working on getting some teaching jobs, so far nothing, BUT I have some hopes for the future!

Overall 2015 was a good year for me! I have a Masters! New work! A screenplay! Some money! Things could get even more awesome next year. I am still looking for a producer for my script. I got turned down for the Berlinale Talent Lab Script Station BUT they said I showed promise and should apply again next year. Also I did the application kinda half-assed because I was running short of time and not thinking things through.

So I guess I can’t complain. Life was mostly good to me. It’s been over a year since Grandma died, and that has been hard, and I still want to talk about her like she is still alive. I have dreams about her.

Aside from that, I am just getting more comfortable being with myself and the dogs in our own place. The dogs are nice roommates. A bit barky tho.

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