I didn’t realize I would be this busy!

On Thursday I did my thesis defense! ๐Ÿ˜€ And I passed! It went really well, I got asked some good questions, and they just want me to do a few minor revisions and then it’s good to be submitted! So that’s one less stress!

This weekend we did the 2 Spirit shoot! I need to shoot for another day, I am going to rent the RED Camera again and do some more. But it’s on track! The first day I had a lot of trouble saying the lines, but today went really really well! I was able to get through the main chunks and I can put edits in between. I’m going to do a shot list for the next shoot, I need three satisfied customers and maybe one clumsy person (which could also be me?? Maybe?). I’m also waiting for Mom to make the beaded whisk prop. That will take two more weeks.

I’m going out of town for a week in August, I’m making money but I’m getting nervous about having enough time to finish this project. By August 7th I need a still or two for the catalogue. I’m not totally sure what I will do, although I do have footage but it’s using a green screen so I need to put something behind it. I was hoping for some prairies, but I’m not sure about using HDV prairie footage with RED RAW footage. SO I am thinking maybe I will just scan some prairie pictures and use those. It doesn’t really need to be moving images in the background.

I also need another camera person for the next shoot, because Irene was helping me but she’s in LA in August. I am thinking maybe Charles Street Video can recommend someone. ALSO I need to get someone to drive me and my stuff. Ugh! Logistics give me a headache!

I’m so anxious too. My anxiety was through the roof this weekend, what with picking up equipment and then doing the shoot and now taking it back. AND THEN I’m gonna be packing up my suite this week and getting ready for the El Cheapo Movers on Saturday, AND Moving the pups too! So that’s a whole other stress. BUT I am hoping to get my shit in my new place and unpack most of it, come back here and clean, and then it’s smooth sailing! Sort of!

However I have had to adjust my timeline for coming back to see my family. I’m gonna go for the last weekend of August and first two weeks of September now, because I have to finish these revisions and get a bound copy of my thesis and supporting paper to Ryerson by August 31st. AND ImagineNATIVE needs a finished copy of my video by September 11th, so I am just gonna try and finish it by the end of August and hand it in then. It’s nerve wracking! :O

But really, September is still summer technically. So I will still get some nice days in Saskatoon.

GAH! This blog post is really just a list of shit I have to do! It’s kind of unglamourous. The unglamourous life of a filmmaker.

ALSO Since I am using the RED camera for the first time, I am thinking of booking the in house editor for the first day at CSV so they can show me some color correction and workflow stuff. Because I DO NOT KNOW the workflow of the RED!

2 thoughts on “I didn’t realize I would be this busy!

  1. Red camera workflow is kinda tricky. The best thing is to have someone convert it to ProRes and work with those files. Hang onto the originals somewhere though of course.

    For the greenscreen stuff, some good stills would work. Have someone with a good still camera go to locations and take some nice 10 megapixel stills from one spot of all around so you have a 360ยบ selection. Then you can stick the foreground in anywhere.
    In the meantime you can use anything as a temporary background and replace it later.

    1. Thanks Clark! That totally helps! I’m gonna have to do some more reading before I go into the edit suite!

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