Today at around 4pm I submitted my finished supporting paper. The last thing I have to do is a 20 minute oral presentation on the 23rd. But I’M DONE! I made it! And I only needed a day extension!
I also got my Sasktel cheque today! I sent some to my landlady and got some fruit, chocolate, tarts, wet dog food, and special dog treats. And I got a five dollar scratch and win and won 27 dollars! 😀

Things are looking up!

I just have to get through the next week until more money starts coming in, like those Personal Credits. And I don’t know when I will hear about the grant. I’m nervous. I hate that I always really need it and often it doesn’t happen. I don’t want to go on ODSP because there’s no way it will cover even my rent and utilities and they watch your bank account to make sure you don’t access any other money. So it’s either a grant or a job. Or both. Yikes!

BUT more money is coming in August also from a gig I am doing. AND I get artist fees then. So I won’t starve, at least not this summer. By September I for sure need a steady income though!

But for now, I am just going to feel satisfied that I completed my program. It’s a good feeling to be able to finish a degree! And especially being a full time student after a long period of self employment with not very steady income. Whew! It was really stressful, especially the first semester when I was having such a hard time getting my student loans sorted out! I was so poor! Well, I’m still poor really. But that’s ok!

The pups are relaxing and I think I should take them for a walk before the sun goes down.

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