3500 enroute!

Oh man, my money is still so far away! >:( Personal Credits aren’t deposited to my account yet. I was hoping they would come a little earlier, but it looks like they are going to do it at the very last second. I didn’t get my GST today like I thought I would, which was super disappointing. I kept looking online to figure out what was going on with it, and it just said N/A. What does that even mean???? Not applicable? But I’m sure I am eligible. They did say I am getting an Ontario Trilium Benefit of 212.69 on the 10th. So that’s encouraging. And my phone company is sending my cheque, eventually. I hope.
But that’s just money stuff. I haven’t heard about my grant yet, and I checked and last time I applied for a grant I didn’t hear till July 14th. So I might have to wait a while.
Nothing on the job front.
OH! But my script is “done” and by done I mean I have it polished up and it’s been submitted to my advisor and second reader. I am going to be doing the rest of my supporting paper today and tomorrow. I didn’t work on it all afternoon. BUT that is okay. It will get finished!
I have to write 10 more pages. I’m worried I’m not being academic enough, but actually maybe it is okay. I am just gonna write from the heart about my project.
I don’t know if I know what my research question was though. I think I wrote it down somewhere so I am checking all my old stuff, power points, notes, etc.
I’m so close to being done! It’s within my grasp! UGH!
I spent some of my last dollars on a celebratory big mac meal. But I think I’m gonna go buy an onion now and try to make some casserole for supper.

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