Momentary break from school stuff

I had my mom here for about a week! It was fun and when she left I felt sad and lonely for a while. BUT I have friends here and pups and I am ok.

One of the things she did was take me on a shopping trip to Ikea. We had hotdogs and then went through all the showrooms writing down names of various things I wanted and then got them at the end. Now my living room doesn’t look so stark!

Also she bought me a new duvet for my birthday, because my other one was ten years old and thin and cold. It was nice having her here, she watched BBC on her iPad and I took her to this bead store, BeadFX, and she beaded every night before she left. It was like being home when we used to live together.

But now I have to get back to my thesis project, because my advisor wants a second draft by Thursday. I doubt I will make that, but maybe Friday or Saturday I will have something.

I went to an event about MMIW tonight, it was good, especially listening to the families.

I’m kind of sleepy. It’s almost midnight.

I think I am ready to have a girlfriend again. I tried okcupid and tinder but I don’t really like either of those. I really don’t think I’m gonna find someone that way. But who knows!

There are some queer things happening, Inside Out is on, and Pride will be happening soon! I should really get plugged in to the community more. It’s just been school this whole first year of living here.

1 thought on “Momentary break from school stuff

  1. Nice that you had a good visit. I haven’t seen here in decades likely. She might not even remember me. Is she still making art?

    And yes, go out and do things. You won’t have time to do a lot because of school but you can squeeze in a few events or even just go hang out in the lobby of the festival or whatever.

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