First Draft!

So I sent in my first (very short) draft of my script to my advisor and second reader on Saturday or something and today I got notes back from my Advisor. I read them, there were a lot! I only disagree with one or two so I started working on the second draft today. It was hard! I had to replace some dialog and it needed to be flirty and I am just so bad at being flirty in real life. So I really need to stretch myself to write it.

I also added three new pages while I wrote more dialog and fixed stuff. So that made me happy. I am gonna go back over it again before I am satisfied. There are also some general notes I have to take into consideration.

But overall I am excited to be working on it! It’s been fun doing all the writing and now getting feedback.

I also got a little cold the last couple of days. It’s been pretty gross, just a runny nose/dry scratchy throat kind of thing. And now a little cough. I have been laying low hoping for it to go away.

Tomorrow I get paid! 😀 Not a lot of money, but enough to pay off a debt and get some groceries. And maybe see a movie! 😀

I’m so ready to go to sleep, and wake up to money!

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