Spring Cleaning, Award! Still Waiting for Personal Credits

My second draft of my pilot got a five day extension, so I decided to spend some time today cleaning. It’s going really well! I got rid of a lot of old cardboard and recycling and garbage. Swept, mopped, cleaned the bathroom more thoroughly, tackled this massive pile of stuff at the foot of my bed, mostly made up of dirty clothes or summer clothes that were all musty. I moved something and was finally able to open the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers and found some of my favourite shirts.

I also got 37 dollars worth of groceries. Mom was making fun of me because last time I got groceries I like, bought a bag of chips and twizzlers and a chocolate bar. But this time it was main essentials like cheese, milk, butter, eggs, an onion, a pepper, some tinned pasta, crackers, bread. Sausages and sour cream. It should feed me until some more money comes in.

I wrote this yesterday! And today was more of the same, but also I was chatting with my Cuz Deanna and I somehow got on the topic of the Personal Credits which still haven’t come and how I wouldn’t be able to see my grades until my tuition is paid. Then I checked the status of my tuition and what I owe and it was down to 28 bucks. And I did some investigating and found out I got the OutTV Award! 😀 YES! Finally! The only thing that sucks is they used all of it for my outstanding tuition and my tuition for next semester. BUT I will get the rest of my fellowship in cash then. and also when my $3000 in personal credits come hopefully they will just refund me the money I spent on tuition while waiting for those damn people!

About a month ago I called the Personal Credits office and they said I was close to the front of the line for getting my thing dealt with and then the government had 30 days to send the money to my school. SO I am gonna call tomorrow and inquire about it some more. All my tuition except for 28 bucks has been paid now, so I should just get money through the school when it comes. And Spring/Summer is my last semester of this program for good. If I can just get a time frame for when my money will arrive, I won’t have to fret so much!

But yeah! MONEY! Eventually! Right now I have fifty cents in my bank account! That’s not much of anything.

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