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So I am waiting for a bunch of money to arrive.  Again.  I have a little bit, but it feels better when I am not horribly poor.  When my bank account goes under three digits I get super nervous.  Luckily I have a transit pass for the month, and I’m getting my ImagineNATIVE Pass tomorrow.  Whew!  But food things, I gotta figure that out.  I do have meat still, I just need things to eat with it. And tarts. I have two tarts left.

I felt a lot better about school today when I saw where everyone is with their projects and stuff.  And hearing what we have to do for our other classes.  It’s starting to make more sense.  I figured out how to incorporate my major project into my other classes, which we are supposed to do. So that’s good.  Six weeks are left!  Yikes!  Already halfway through the semester!  I heard the second semester is better, less readings more doings.  Which is good.

The neighbors have been hammering the wall a lot lately.  Like, during work hours.  But why? I can’t think of why they would have to do so much hammering!  It’s been going on for a few days.  And scraping.

I’m sleepy.  No class tomorrow! 😀 YAY!

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