All my money is in the mail!

This cheque is still taking a long time in coming!  And it was sent in the last week of September, so I am worried it got stolen or something.  There is something fishy about it!  It was a big cheque too, so yikes! 🙁  If it doesn’t come tomorrow I am gonna send a message to the person who sent it and see if she can cut another cheque and cancel this one.  But it would be another week to get it in the mail, which really sucks.

I am gonna call Student Loans tomorrow and see what the verdict is on my assessment.  I hope and pray they give me another loan!  I could really use some quasi support in going to school!  I have 8000 of my 10,000 tuition accounted for with my fellowship and personal credits, I just need living allowance and the other 2000 of tuition.  And school supplies.  And some money to fly home for Christmas, which they are supposed to give me because I’m outside my original province.  Sigh.  I can’t believe this money thing has taken so long!

I won some money!  I won Audience Choice Award for Just Dandy at Reel Pride Winnipeg!  🙂  I’m pretty excited about that!  But again, it’s gonna come in the mail and I don’t know how long it will take.  Poop.

MONEY SUCKS!  Only when you don’t have it.  The lack of money sucks!  Blah!  🙁  And I still need a roommate!

My phone’s internet capabilities crapped out today, and I got worried I was getting cut off by my provider because I’m not able to pay yet, but I did a network settings reset and it was fine.

I’m low on toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, and my laundry needs doing, and I have literally three dollars and a lot of silver change.  It’s not gonna cut it!  I hate being poor.  I’m down to my Pilsbury Doughboy undies and that means the very end of clean undies, Saturday I will be going commando or rewearing dirty underwears.  Oh gawd!  This reminds me of my life in Vancouver as a poor student.  At least this time I am sober and don’t smoke!  Cause addictions are really expensive to maintain, and they take up a lot of money that would be more useful if spent on toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, and laundry money.  My needs are so basic!

Anyway, I’m really tired and it’s almost 3am.  So I should go to sleep before my sleep gets all messed up again!

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