New place! Still in Student Loan Limbo

I’ve moved into my new apartment!  It’s a basement suite, kinda far from Ryerson but I can get there on one bus and one subway ride, so it’s not so bad.  The dogs love it!  They are so happy! They have been settling in, at first they were hypervigillant about noises from the upstairs folks, but now they have gotten used to the usual bangs and stuff from walking and chairs rolling around.  I even left them alone today for a more extended period, first when I went to school for six hours, then when I went out for dinner!  When I got home they were super happy to see me, and after being covered in dog kisses they started playing with each other, wrestling, doing that weird dachshund fencing thing where they hold their mouths open and try to bite each other, and then they did their favorite thing, chasing!  Little Mister and Posey chased each other around and around.  They haven’t been able to do that for a while because the other dogs we stayed with found it suspicious.

School is alright.  I am getting used to it.  EI transferred almost all of my money to student loans, but kept the 164 I owed them, so I had to make ANOTHER payment of 164 to student loans, and today I called to see if it went through but I didn’t get in contact with the guy helping me.  Tomorrow I will ask.  Then HOPEFULLY they will remove the restriction and I can get a student loan!  FUCK this is taking so long!

Also I had some troubles with my movers, BUT I think it has been worked out, I just have to call them tomorrow and get them to come on Saturday.  I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress and I really miss my bed and all my junk.  Like diaries and books and stuff.

My fellowship payment went through, so now I owe less than half of my tuition and fees for this semester.  Which is good, and bad, because I still don’t know about my loan.  I really hope once the restriction is lifted that my loan goes through fast, because things are getting pretty lean!

What else?  Ah, it’s Thursday tomorrow, my last day of school before the weekend.  Whew!  Week three nearly finished!

Well, I should sleep I guess.  I’m not tired, but I did take my meds.  Night meds.  I ate a banana too, I don’t know if that will help but it couldn’t hurt!  I need to do some cleaning when I get home tomorrow!

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