I’m feeling better again, I’m staying in Toronto now with my dogs, they are having a hard time adjusting to the changes, and there will be a couple more changes happening to them.  So I hope they do ok.  Took them for a walk today and they were alright in their current neighborhood.

Everything is really hard to focus on, because so much is in flux.  I had been hoping to have some things settled by now, but things are really tenuous still.  I haven’t signed the lease yet, but I am hoping this weekend she contacts my references.  I am going to see the bank on Tuesday about a Student Line of Credit which would give me some room to not worry so much over money.  And I am going to be waiting to hear about another funding situation for a while still.  I think I’m going to email the administrator for that and ask if she has a time frame for when I will hear back, because I’d just like to know.  But money is still coming in through my gofundme, and I got an artist fee, although the cheque has vanished for some reason and I have to call my distributor to cancel it and reissue me one.  I hope they can do that soon.

It’s the last weekend before classes start.  I’m having a hard time because I’m really not in the frame of mind to be a student, I’m concentrating on surviving and that’s been really hard.  I guess it’s not so bad in the grand perspective, but it’s a lot of stress on me and I’m already bipolar, so my ability to cope with stress is diminished compared to people who have no anxiety/mood issues.  This next week I am going to go to the disability office and talk to them about possible accommodations.

I think when I have moved, have my stuff in my apartment, my dogs settled, and some answers about money I will feel better.  I know it will be alright, it’s just getting from here to there that is hard.  Life is really hard.  I’m staying with some nice people though, and that’s really good.  I’m worried about a lot of things.  It’s wearing on me.  I am hoping within the next week I will know more about what my future will look like, because right now it is really up in the air.

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