Where are my magic beans?

SO!  I am gonna start packing soon!  I’ve been going through my books trying to find ones to give away.  I think I gave away all the ones I don’t need.  Maybe I will go through them again.  I have until August 10th to pack, and then the movers come and take away my things!  Goodbye things!

Little Mister and Posey are doing well.  Little Mister was humping her today and he had an erection, which is rare but happens on the odd occasion.  SUPER rare because he has no testicles.  ANYWAY he was mainly humping the air, her leg, no where near any orifices.  Super awkward!!

I found a job on the TAGA Ryerson page, I’m gonna get my resume up to snuff and apply.  I’m basically just gonna apply to any job that I feel I could do well on that site and see what happens.  It would give me more to live on, which would be nice.

I still don’t know if I will be funded by Little Pine.  It’s Wednesday, halfway through the week that I was told they MIGHT meet again.  It’s also near the end of July, September 1st is creeping up fast!

What else?  Oh just a bunch of arty stuff I have to do!

My computer is much happier though, I feel a lot better about it.

I’m still waiting for magic beans to show up and pay for my move and my first and last months rent.  Also I still don’t have a place to live, but that is ok, something will happen!

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