One Month and a Half to find a place!

At the most I could wait until Sept 1st, BUT I am hoping I can find a place for August 15th! Because that’s when Posey, Little Mister, and I get to Toronto!

It’s so soon!

I finished my fifth shift at the Jazzfest today and found someone to take my Sunday night shift.  So I am DONE! Whew! Made some cash! Breathed in a lot of a poplar fuzzies.  I got a nose bleed near the end of my shift and had to quit and go sit in the back with a kleenex on my nose.  I think because Steven showed up trying to get a beer for two bucks and pissed me off, because it is SO TYPICAL!

Anyway, I am really tired.  Some assholes wanted to come look at the house today at 9am and we negotiated for 9:30 and they showed up at 8:44am!  FUCKING ASSHOLES! So we took the dogs for a walk and left used pee pads on the floors, cause if you arrive that early for a viewing don’t expect a clean house.  Fuckers.  I don’t give a shit if they want to buy the house, don’t pull shit like that!

Sweary paragraph!

I think I am getting a new old crush. Ha ha, fricken hell I keep recycling crushes.  But this one was silly way back then and it is still a little bit silly, ALTHOUGH at least it is on someone single.  And who is nice.  And a friend.  BUT I doubt I will do anything about it.  I’m actually not even sure it’s a full blown crush, it’s more mulling something over in my mind and wondering if it is a good idea.  Because I have been known to have absolutely TERRIBLE ideas when it comes to women.

I was talking with Mom about my terrible taste in women and then she said this thing that totally cleared something up for me.  I was saying something about how terrible it was to be hung up on Rheanne for so long and then she said “Oh, it’s just that you loved her way more than she felt for you.”  And I thought that was so sweet because really that’s what happened.  I was totally head over heels for her and she didn’t care for me!  Did not give a shit.  And it totally sucked.  But whatever, it’s over now, she has a new boyfriend, I am leaving and not in love with her anymore.  Things are good.

I’m moving somewhere where I haven’t dated anyone.  Well that’s not really true, I dated Ivana, but she moved to Vancouver anyway and isn’t there now.  OOOOOOOH! But Margaret lives in Hamilton and comes to Toronto all the time and she and I have a history.  A tumultuous history which has left us being good friends though.  She’s so cute.  Our dating history was ridiculous.  And now she’s got a family.  She’s always been a good friend though, I used to sleep over when I had super dark suicidal nights and we would just hang out and cuddle.  That was really sweet.  I’m glad I am moving closer to her FINALLY!

I’m nervous about finding housing.  I think I need roommates and people are weird about dogs.  It seems a lot of people are allergic.  They are cutie dogs though.

I love my little kids!  The weens!

I went for a ride with my friend tonight at got back around12:30am.  I was worried about the weirdo neighbors dog, because I thought I heard it whining in their front yard, and it’s a baby dachshund and it would be totally within the realm of possibility for them to leave it in the front all night, because they are just that clueless.  So I crept over to peek, and was relieved that it wasn’t there.  Because if it WAS there, I was gonna steal it for the night.  I’m not gonna let a puppy get eaten by a suburban coyote just so I could be cool with the neighbors I don’t like!

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