Lappy come back!

I am writing this on my Mom’s computer.  Lappy is still in the shop, and they still don’t know what’s wrong with it. I did some more digging online and it COULD be a display issue, so I am hoping that is all that is wrong and it isn’t like, the logic board.  Which would really really SUCK!

My cousin invited me to move earlier, starting August 1. But I think I need to stay here at the beginning of August to tie up loose ends.  For instance, I haven’t confirmed it yet but I have tentatively booked my Portable Storage PUPS thing for the second week of August.

I feel really in between right now. I’m not a permanent resident here anymore, but I’m also not yet in Toronto. And I already switched my OKC location to Toronto, and my Fetlife profile, but I can only look at profiles and I can’t really make dates yet.  Disappointing.

Also I bought my plane ticket to go to Toronto direct with my pups.  We leave at 5:35 am on August 15th.  SO EARLY! BUT it is a direct flight and will get us there at the right time. Poor pups! I hope they are okay in the cargo hold. Westjet doesn’t recommend tranquilizing animals for the flight, so they are gonna be in their thundershirts.  Theresa told me once she heard her dog bark all the way on a flight she was on.  Poor pup!

We’re looking for a place for August 15th, but if we have to wait until Sept 1 I think I will be okay. What I’m really disappointed about is that I’m STILL gonna miss the Tori Amos concert, and she’s like, my hero, and I have NEVER been able to see her in concert.  BUT also she will probably do a tour again next year and then I will get to see her.

I’m relieved I finally have a real time to go to Toronto, that my ticket has been booked and my pups are booked in Cargo. Because only a few dogs are allowed on each flight. Yay for Westjet! Also they treat dogs better than Air Canada, so I have heard. It’s always a little dodgy, but I really hope my dogs are safe.

The amount of work I have to do before I leave is starting to lessen, YET it would still be easier if I could get my damned lappy back. Especially because it is all writing work I have to do.  I’ve got hard copies and copies in my email, but I’d rather work on it with my computer.

And through all of this, we are still selling the house. So we have viewings now and then. Yesterday we had two viewings. Today none so far. They aren’t as constant as they were when we got the house on the market. But it still involves regular thorough house cleaning and rushing all the pups out to the car.

The house is easy to clean now that we have it mostly done. It’s just picking up and vacuuming. Our friend Adrian said it once took him a year to sell his house. YIKES! That is a really long time!  I hope Mom sells soon.

Well, thats all for now! I can’t think of more.

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