Research and things

I’ve spent about 3 hours looking at pictures of space ship interiors, American, Soviet, Russian, everything I could get my eyes on. I think I know what I am looking for now, I read a bit about the Buran space shuttle, which is what the Soviets were working with.  Blah. Research.

I finished watching Orange Is The New Black last night, the end was so good! Go Rosa!

I got some notes on my short sci-fi story. So that’s good, I have some stuff to work on.

Today was a quiet day, we saw Grandpa and Grandma. Mom made us fried chicken. I went on a bus ride. We got some urine destroyer for the dog pees. I envied a happy birthday tutu that was too big for Posey (but so cute!).

I feel like a lot is happening. Is that true? I have a few creative projects going on, I am making my webseries, writing a short story, and getting ready for a ten minute monologue driven performance. I’m also going to Winnipeg for a show this week. Sight is screening on the NSI website on the 16th, and in the middle of this month they are supposed to announce the shortlist for the Future Generation Art Prize (I don’t really expect to be on the shortlist but it is still exciting), Boi Oh Boi is screening at Enzaubert in July and I won’t be there, which is too bad, but it’s ok.

And school is coming up in a matter of weeks. And I have to find a place to live and get my stuff out there in time. The first of September falls on Labour Day, so I should have time to move my stuff from my pod or whatever into my new place. Whew! When things are so uncertain I get really nervous. And I worry and fret. A LOT! I hate not having things all decided already.

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