10th EPISODE Written!

I wrote the 9th and 10th Episode yesterday. I’m not TOTALLY happy with them, BUT they are first drafts and can get worked on a whole bunch more!  So I am happy about that. I want to get the scripts locked down by the end of the month, so that I can cast and get people to learn their lines. I’m not gonna have it edited by the end of the summer, BUT I should have it shot by the middle of August.

YAY! 😀 Excitement!

I have some other creative things I need to do. Like, I have to write a monologue for a performance in July in Regina. And I have to do some changes on my short story for an anthology.

Tomorrow I am going to Prince Albert! Just Dandy is screening there and they offered me some gas money and stuff to go up. ALSO we are gonna try and apply for our Status Cards. I hope it works this time! We have our Passport Photos and Birth Certificates and our old cards with our Treaty numbers on them and photo ID! 🙂

Anyway, things are nice and busy. My Mom got her grant yesterday! I’m happy for her, she was really worried about money for a while.

I’m thinking of putting another colour in my hair. Then again coloured hair is a drag for upkeep. Then again it looks hot. THEN again I have tattoos and piercings which look hot and don’t require so much fricken work.

I’m excited about the release of Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black. I totally got sucked into Season 1 and I am so curious about what has happened since. Like is so-and-so even alive anymore? SO CURIOUS!

Anyway, I should get ready for bed, it’s an early day for us tomorrow, we have to tidy and get ready for a viewing at 11, then drop pups off at home and go to Prince Albert.

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