Technically Mother’s Day Morning

It’s Saturday night! (Technically Mother’s Day morning!)  I had a good night, spent time with my friend Laurel.  Lost some money.  BUT I am okay with that. I made lists of all the things I have to do in the next little while.  I need to upload a file to WeTransfer or Dropbox for Entzaubert.  I should try that now.  I also have to make copies of some other videos and send them off to a gallery and a festival.  I have a show coming up soon in Winnipeg, I’m excited to go there, hope I see some old friends. I’m super irritable these days, and have been for the past six weeks since my risperidone was dropped by .5 mg to 3mg.  I thought it would go away, I gave it a chance to settle down, but I’m super crabby and irritable and angry and it’s wearing me down.  Anyway, I am seeing Dr. Conacher on Tuesday and I am gonna see what she suggests, she might bring me back up .5 mg.  I hope she does, it would make me feel a lot better.

I’m gonna meet someone soon! 🙂  Like an actual cutie who lives in a different city and whom I have been having conversations with online.  I’m going down to Regina and we are finally going to meet and have a real conversation!  I’m excited, I have no expectations, she is super cute and I’ll just see what happens I guess.  I’m okay with whatever happening, I mean, we might just be really awkward with each other.  According to OK Cupid we are 98% matched! 🙂

What else?  I am still waiting to hear about this job I applied for, I don’t know if they have done interviews yet. I am still trying to decide about going to Berlin again. I have all the tax forms I need to do my back taxes.  8 years of T4’s and forms and guides.  I just need to find my pencil and some free time.

I am almost gone cleaning up my room to make it “Show Ready.”  I also have to tape up and stack my boxes downstairs. I have sleepy dogs. I am having bursts of creative thoughts, I need to work on them.  I’m glad it’s starting to come out though, because I really need my creativity to get working again!

Also 4 year olds are terrible humans.  It’s some crappy developmental stage.  It’s too bad I’m gonna move away before my nephew turns five and gets nice again.  Right now he’s a hellion who keeps making death threats about everybody and talking about where he’s gonna keep his guns when he grows up!  I also have a suspicion he is getting terrible influences from the kids up north.  Ugh!  Well anyway, he is not my kid!  And thank god for that!

I love Little Mister  and Posey!  My two fur-kids.  They are really sweet.  Posey’s got puppy bad habits still, but Little Mister is this adorable old man now. 🙂  With dignified little silver hairs in his fur!  <3! Okay, it’s late and I have nothing further to say!  AND tomorrow morning I gotta get up and get crepes!  And champagne for her mimosas!

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