Winning Streak

Yesterday I was on a winning streak.  I won 100 bucks on Nevadas!  I won 100 bucks on those back in Vancouver, and I’ve played them ever since trying to win again, and I finally did!  Hurrah!

I also bought some groceries at Safeway and won some chips and a chocolate bar.  Yeah!

There was something else I won recently.  Oh yeah, two coffees and a donut from Timmies.  It’s funny, these small gains aren’t really significant but they make me feel better all the same.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the future.  I am waiting to hear about a few things involving my career.

Also I really need to get back to writing my webseries.  I need to get nine more episodes written, and I’m not doing a great job of it so far.  I’m totally slacking.  And time is ticking, I’m supposed to shoot it in less than three months.  Yikes!  I can dooo it!  Maybe sitting in the living room with my computer is not conducive to writing.  ALSO I noticed that when I was writing Bunnyhug I went for walks a lot, sometimes short, sometimes long, but that’s when I got my best ideas.  It’s a little cold, but with a hat could be bearable.  And it’s not super icy anymore.  Maybe I need to take a walk in the neighborhood.  There’s lots of greenspace, it’s a pleasant neighborhood to take a walk in.

Also I should be doing more research.  I’m totes slacking!  I even turned off Habit RPG because I went somewhere and when I came back I never turned it back on because I didn’t want to be accountable and lose my sword and helmet again.  LOL!  Jeepers.

Also my chair is too high and broken.  My feet don’t even touch the ground.  It makes me feel like a child!

Well, I think I’m gonna glance over my outline and then go for a long walk.  Wish me luck!

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