Diabetic for sure!

So I had my doctor appointment today and I am now officially Diabetic.  Which sucks, BUT it is still really early days and she said if I ate well and got more exercise I would be alright.  I need more fruit and protein and less carbs and sugar.  Tomorrow I am going to see a dietician.  Mom and I are gonna do weightlifting tomorrow too.  I don’t need to test my blood glucose with a meter yet, I do have to come to the lab and do blood tests every three months though, and every other test is a fasting blood test.  BLOOD!  Bleh.

I don’t know if I am surprised or not.  I think I thought I had more time before this was gonna happen.  Like, five more years or so.  I always suspected it was gonna happen to me though, because of medication I am on and also being Native.

I hope it doesn’t blind me or kill me though.  I really don’t want to get all sickly.

But I was all sleepy this morning and mom said that was a symptom of diabetes.  So that is disappointing.  I’ve been REALLY tired these days.

I’m going to Kingston the day after tomorrow!  Going to be there for a couple of screenings of my films and talk on a panel.  Then visiting Toronto for three days.  It should be alright.  I’m looking forward to seeing my friend Louis!  LOUIS!

I have a lot to learn about diabetes.  I have a diabetic mom and a diabetic auntie though, so I’ve overheard a lot of blab about diabetic things.  It’s not totally new to me anyway.

Well, I was really just writing this post to warm up and blab about my day before I go on to start writing my transmissions webisodes.  I’d better go do that now!

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