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Looking for fun and Feelin’ Groovy!

It’s cinnamon heart season and that always makes me happy. If someone really wanted to win my heart they could just do away with the flowers and get me a big huge bag of cinnamon hearts! Mmm cinnamon hearts taste like love!
Valentines is coming up. That means some people desperately looking for a mate, some couples trying to be romantic, and some people being bitter and angry. I don’t think I fall into any of those categories though. I will be content to sit on the sidelines, watching my friends try to find someone to hump or being romantic with their S.O.’s while I eat my cinnamon heart out!
Valentines day is just an excuse for couples to lord it over their single friends though as if they have made it and are complete human beings while the rest of us limp along with our solitary selves. It’s a dumb holiday! I’ve never had much luck with Valentines day, I think I only had a girlfriend on Valentines day once and I think all we did was have phone sex or something like that (she lived four provinces over).

There’s an Anti-Valentines Day party at 302 called Shred Your Ex and while I like the idea of an anti-valentines day party, I don’t like the idea of threatening violence against previous intimate partners. So I will probably not go, just based on the name. Oh, and you’re supposed to bring a picture of your ex and shred it in the shredder. I dunno, that seems kind of extreme to me just for free cover. I didn’t mind taking my pants off for free cover, but shredding any of my ex’s photos, no! I like them all, most of them are still good friends of mine.

I am trying to think of places my straight friend could go to meet quality native men, because she’s just been looking for a baby daddy in the bars and at casinos and I think that’s not such a good idea. Not if you want a quality partner anyway. If you don’t care that your lover will always be at the casino or bar then I guess it is okay to meet someone there.

I don’t even meet potential partners at bars, I meet them through work or my art career, at festivals, in school, at protests, etc etc. And that one cashier at Safeway I picked up. I forget her name but she was disappointed in our date because I took her to a dessert place and she wanted fries. Oh well.

Oh man, these Cinnamon hearts are bugging my tummy! And I hafta go for a ride! Eeep!

I will report more later!

Harm Reduction Part Deux!

In the name of Harm Reduction my mother has convinced me to get a portable vaporizer and use that for my primary smoking. She says it doesn’t stink as much and it’s also healthier, which is all true. So I went on a little shopping excursion and picked up some lube at Positive Passions and then hopped the bus down Broadway to B.O.B. Headquarters and got a run down on all their portable vaporizers. I ended up getting this small vaporizer that looks like a red aluminum pipe but has a little ceramic stone in it that you heat with your lighter and it vaporizes your herb. It has cut the stink down considerably, and I can feel that it is easier on my throat. Although I still cough sometimes when I suck in too much!

It surprised me that it even worked, the vapor tastes exactly the same as what you get from a Volcano Vaporizer, kind of nutty and popcorny. And it doesn’t stink, not like a pipe being smoked, that is for sure. I am still learning how to properly use it and when the ground up bud is all used up. I’m pretty excited about having it though, and I can’t wait to show it off to my pot aficionado friends. It also saves money in that I am not burning through my stash nearly as fast as I used to!

Well, I should go to bed. Enough talking about my stash! Which is all theoretical anyway . . . yes.

Dependable, Friendable.

This writing everyday is hard work! Especially for a blog I don’t get paid for. I do a lot of unpaid work for my career sometimes. No one has ever paid me for writing this blog. But that’s okay, I don’t need money. Well, yes I do. But I like writing anyway. Okay, whatever, what I am just doing is trying to jump start a blog topic by blathering.

I’m doing pretty good. I have started getting people asking me to come present work at different places in Canada and elsewhere and it’s pretty exciting. I like traveling for work related reasons.

Okay so the love of my life did end up writing back about Matthew, and it was a nice email and so I am not so weirded out. Although I still don’t know what to think of that girl. She stirs up such intense emotions, it’s hard to just move on. But I am getting there, I think. Nothing has happened for so long and she doesn’t even want to see me so I am just going to HAVE to get over her if I ever want a meaningful long term relationship with someone. And I know I could fall in love with someone else. Besides all that, I have a feeling she prefers men over women for long term committed type relationships. Depressing!

OMG! I have to run and take my morning meds!

Taken! I have to throw out my little celexa halves now. I’ve had such a low sex drive for months and months because of that stupid pill, and the first time I got off of it I got all depressed and fucked up again. BUT this time I am on 300mg of Wellbutrin and doing fine! 😀 Which is funny because I had a bad reaction to Wellbutrin the first time I went on it when I was 20 and had never been on any pharms before. Ugh!

I guess my tolerance to brain tinkering medication is better. More better, even!

Oh I don’t know. I really do love that girl. But I mean, whatever, she’s not into it, what the hell am I supposed to do about that? I wouldn’t even know where to find her in this damn city, and I am pretty sure she has a new phone number. All I have is email contact, it’s ridiculous! I can’t woo anybody over email, no matter how charming I try to be! And she doesn’t want to be my friend on facebook, which is like, well I mean OBVIOUSLY she doesn’t want me to be that close to her. Which means even if I did know where she was, it would be creepy of me to show up there with flowers and a violin. Assuming I could play said violin, which I can’t. She’d probably break my violin that I can’t play over my head, and throw flowers in my face, and maybe call the police as well! WTF????

So, well, see! I have to get over this girl! She’s going to call the cops on me if I don’t and cops aren’t nice to Natives in this city!

Okay, I take it all back. I’m sorry. Probably if there was a woman who wasn’t quite as strange as I she would consider them for a long term committed relationship if she were even single, which she usually isn’t, for as long as I have known her.

I on the other hand have had a handful of short short short relationships, lasting months not years! And long expanses of singleness in between. I’ve liked being single actually, some people hate it, I used to hate it, but it’s actually really comfortable and nice and makes you develop different support networks than if you are in a relationship. Still I feel like I’ve learned all I can from being single.

But I mean, who knows what the future has in store for me??? Maybe I am supposed to be single for the rest of my life?? Maybe I’m supposed to become some kind of video making hermit in some old house in like, Dalmeny!

Oh man, I am not doing the work I am supposed to be doing this afternoon, which is answering emails and making proposals and I should probably print off some loan applications too. Okay, no more dilly dallying talking about how I am in love with someone who doesn’t want to be my facebook friend even. I should just limit romantic interests to people who are friendable.