Monthly Archives: February 2008

SUGAR! BRing me SUGAr!

It’s a Thursday morn and yesterday I got a big artist fee, so I bought myself a new iPod! I’m super stoked about it, as you may remember if you were an old reader of my blog that I used to have an iPod and it died about the same time I went crazy roughly. I tried to ressurect it and then gave up and had it recycled at Neural Net. Anyway, that iPod was a mini and had about 4 GB which I thought was plenty. But now my new one has 80GB, and that was the smaller one! You can get 160GB iPods now. Crazy! To give you a sense of how big that is, my computer’s original hard drive was 80 GB.

Plus this one has a full colour screen. My last one just had a grey and black LCD screen.

Anyway, I don’t usually get up this early, but my dog decided at an ungodly hour to lick my face over and over until I got up and let him go pee.

Today I go to work and put in my two week notice. TWO WEEKS LEFT OF WORK!

My direct deposit form is on it’s way to Canada Council so I can get my money, and that is exciting. I can’t wait!

This afternoon I have an appointment with my psych nurse, and I am paying my phone bill finally finally. I’ll have phone and internet at home again!!!

Aside from all that, well I was going to say nothing is going on but that’s not true. I’m hopefully going for coffee with someone from the psych ward, and that will be fun. She’s not there anymore though, I mean I met her in a psych ward and she was a really good friend in there, so I’m looking forward to it.


My life is going well, the meds I am on are working even better than before I got sick when I was on the other medication. I’m happy about that. I’ve been working full time in a call centre doing surveys on this, that, and the other confidential thing. I don’t mind it, as a job it’s quite nice and I’ve even made a friend at work who I’ve gone out with a couple times. Last night I watched the Oscars with my mom, I was happy to see Diablo Cody win for best original screenplay. Juno was a really good movie, and it was her first screenplay!

Right now I am helping mom with her posters for her classes.

Oh HEY! I just now got my grant results from the Canada Council! $33 000 to make a short documentary researching my homelands! I am so super excited! I get to buy an Ipod and a Leather jacket!!!!!!!!!

Life is tickety boo man! Now I can quit my job! I will go back to it once my grant has dried up, but that won’t be for months and months.

One of my cousins had her first manic episode recently, she’s getting out of the hospital this week. She was on my mind almost solidly for about a month. I realized a few things from it.

#1, Manic episodes are nothing to be ashamed of.
#2, Sometimes people do very funny/cute things while manic.
#3, They tend to have a similar theme (ie, finding God in everyday small things).

So yes, Life is good, and I’m glad I’ve hung on through my difficult recovery to get to here, because . . .

NOW I GET A NEW IPOD! And that makes life better and better and better and . . .