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These are the fireworks. The ones laying down are 12 roman candles, each spits out 8 balls. From right to left: Silver Palm Tree spits out a mortar that goes 50m and explodes into a huge silvery star. The box is a series of short roman candles which ignite sequentially and shoot off several fireworks, specifically it “vomits peonies”, it is called “Bewitched,” apparently another variation on this was “Anti Terorrism” but I didn’t want something so GW Bush-like. The tall one sends out about 70 balls altogether. The short one sends out stars and “goldfish” whatever the hell that means in pyrotechnic world. The Cluster Bomb is a large fountain which also sends out stars. The cone is a regular old cone fountain, not superspectacular but cool nonetheless. I was trying to find the Burning Schoolhouse, which was a favorite between Luke and I when we were kids, I was going to change it to the Burning Psych Ward, but yeah, it’s not around anymore. I gotta go, my mom’s yelling at me and we have to go buy hotdogs.

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