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Be a Patron of the arts! I have Paypal, it’s thirzacuthand@gmail.com
I have a Patreon! It’s http://patreon.com/thirzacuthand
I have a PayPal! It’s PayPal.Me/TCuthand
If you like the work I do, your donation would make a difference! My art and income is precarious and often dependent on grants. Also if you show one of my videos in your classes, a payment is good karma!
I also do artist talks for classes, galleries, organizations, and conferences. I do panels. I am available for screenings of one or multiple works. I write for money and am also available for commissions. Get in touch with me if you have money for a thing and want me to be involved! thirzacuthand at gmail dot com. Also check out my Distributors page if you want to inquire about screenings and institutional purchases through them, some of the videos they have I no longer have copies of myself.

2 thoughts on “$upport Thi$ Arti$t

  1. Hi Thirza,

    My name is Tyler Reekie and I am a member of the Available Light Collective. We will be screening your work ‘Thirza Jean Cuthand is an Indian Within the Meaning of the Indian Act’ here in Montreal on Oct. 18th. We have more money alloted for a screening fee than it was to rent the video from Vtape, so we sent you a paypal transfer that I think will come up under my name. Regardless, thank you for your work and it’s an honour to show it!

    best regards.

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