This generic sucks ass

I’ve been taking a new generic wellbutrin because Indian Affairs won’t pay for a brand name if a generic is available.  Well yeah, it’s available but it SUCKS!  I’ve been noticing a creeping depression sneaking up on me and it’s been years since I have been depressed because Wellbutrin works so good!  The REAL Wellbutrin.  This shit is crap!  So I’m gonna have to fork over money to pay for it, because Indian Affairs has the shittiest health plans EVER!  Worse than Social Assistance health coverage.  Literally a white person on welfare would have better coverage than me.  Because Fuck NDNs.


So tomorrow morning I am gonna call and try to get a week’s worth of wellbutrin and switch my meds back to the regular stuff, and pay for it.  When I try to google how much it costs I seem to end up with prices for American consumers and it’s totally insane, like over 200 for 90 days.  I seem to remember a month being about 27 dollars here, so I am hoping that is true.  HOPE HOPE HOPE!

I was reading about generic buproprion and how they had problems with it in the past because it didn’t have time release, it would release all at once and therefore was not effective.  I have a suspicion that is what it is doing again.

I know there’s this cuddly warm feeling about generics like they are giving a chance at health to poor people, but sometimes making a generic that doesn’t work when the brand name is amazing is SUCH A BAD IDEA!  Especially because poor people usually have health insurance that will refuse to cover a brand name when a generic is available.  SO REALLY you are providing a lower standard of health to poor people. Great going Mr. Generic!

But I mean, thats the same with everything isn’t it?

I bet I will feel a million times better when I get the real Wellbutrin in my system again.  I thought I was going onto week 4 with my meds, but I’m only on day one of week 3!  And I already feel this shitty!

Also I need to get back on track because I cannot move when I am feeling suicidal.  It’s just not right.  And I know, logically, that it makes absolutely no sense.  It’s just the stupid chemicals in my crazy brain!  Fuck mental illness.  It’s not cool, it’s just a pain in the ass! I hate people who wish they were crazy, it’s not fun! Get your street cred some other way!

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to Regina.  And it will be good.  I’m gonna pick up better meds in the morning, so hopefully they will kick in soon.

Remember, I am crowdfunding to get through to October in grad school with no band funding!  Kick a few dollars my way if you can, it takes debit too if you know your bank account number I do believe!

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