Oh man. I’m having some work troubles. Not script troubles thank god, OTHER work troubles. I’m not gonna talk about it here, it’s just weird being in a position where I need to ask permission to advance myself. ANYWAY no one needs to hear me bitching about that…

I did work on my script today! It felt really good, I felt like I was in the zone! I think there’s some big changes this time around, not MAJOR plot point changes, but like, other things. I cut about 17 pages this whole time I’ve been rewriting, so I have to build it up again after I finish dealing with specific notes tomorrow. I’m starting to get the hang of what is totally useless dialogue. Like repetition, or expository things, etc. I’m feeling more connected to the world I’ve created. I also think the main character is gonna be more active this time. At least I hope so, it’s been an ongoing problem that she doesn’t take her future into her own hands and make things happen. And no one really wants to watch a film where things just HAPPEN to a character. So yeah, it’s been a lot to think about and figure out. This is really my only work this week, so I am hoping to finish by Friday. Actually not HOPING, like I AM gonna finish by Friday. And I can see that being a goal that is finally within reach. And then I can get paid yay!

I’m so excited to have this done, it’s been making me feel guilty all summer while I’ve been dealing with being out of town or having a broken foot and broken foot related mental health crisis and on and on. I wanted more time, like not to stretch this into the fall, more like just more hours in my month, a few more days, a little less work. BUT on the other hand all this work has helped me get to this place where I can afford a risky chance to see if I could pass my genes on to the next generation. It’s very strange. I think I feel like a grown up finally. It only took 40 years. I feel like my financial situation has improved, I feel like I have enough momentum that I can start getting more work for next year. I feel fucking relieved that my creative output only needs to make a performance this fall that I perform twice. OH WAIT Ha ha I have another video to do.

It’s weird to think summer is almost over. It went by so fast. I know September is technically still summer but no one really believes that. It will still be beautiful weather tho. And TIFF will be on so there will be movie people around.

I already know what the next feature script I want to work on will be after this. I have an idea for a tv show rumbling around in my head. I’ve been glad I am lucky enough to have so many ideas these last few years.

BUT MOSTLY I am looking forward to having a breather next week, when this script is in. Just chilling. Maybe I’ll find a beach. Ha ha oh man and my egg retrieval is next week sometime too so that’s gonna be happening.

Sunday is gonna be six weeks since I broke my foot, and then I can go get an Xray. I haven’t booked a doctor appointment yet because I don’t know what day Egg Retrieval happens. Next week could be a really great or really bummer week, depending on if I have to keep wearing the boot and how many/any eggs we get. The good thing is next Friday is my next therapist appointment, so I can let it all out then!

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