Production Weekend!

I’ve been shooting and editing all day! It’s great! I haven’t made a video since 2015, which is a while. But this has gone so well, I’m happy about it. I’ve been writing for so long that I haven’t been able to see an outcome in a couple years, like a finished product. I forgot how good it feels to create.

I did most of the shoot today. I just have one friend left to shoot tomorrow. I had two actors come by this afternoon, and this evening I did my scene, which involved a lot of talking and I had to memorize and repeat things, so it needed a lot of practice. But in the end I did it and got to edit the rest of the night. Synched up the sound and selected the good takes and did a rough edit. It’s making me laugh, which is good because this one is a comedy. I think I might even be done it tomorrow if I can stay on top of it. I’m running out of space on my Mac though, so I have to clear it up quick and probably store more things on my external hard drives. Because it’s an HD file and is gonna take up a lot of space. And already my FCPX is telling me it can’t keep going with things the way they are! My poor computer!

So my computer made me stop and dump stuff, and I got rid of about 60GB worth of files, I think most of it was in my trash bin anyway. I shot my last actor today and went on an editing spree and got my video done! There’s two things I wish I could have improved, but were like, not gonna be fixable. BUT overall I am pretty happy with it, and I think it’s gonna have a decent life out in the world. It’s gonna show at Queer Arts Festival in Adrian’s show Unsettled, so that’s cool. I tried to be a sexy butch NDN lavalife lady, but I wasn’t as sultry as the lavalife woman.

The dogs and I are fine. Little Mister loved all the visitors this weekend. Posey was a grump so I put her in her kennel in the bathtub (no water!!) and she was fine. I submitted my new video to two festivals already, ImagineNATIVE and the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. So we’ll see! I’m gonna look around for other festivals to submit to. I guess. AHhh god tho I hate submission fees. Maybe I’ll look for fests with no fees. I think they are a rip off anyway.

I’m exhausted. I have to get up early and take equipment back (which means carrying this SUPER FUCKING HEAVY light kit to the curb) and then go help at a BLMTO Freedom Day event (set up/take down) in the afternoon. I should get to sleep soon but I redid my sound on my video and am waiting for the new version to finish uploading and replace my older version (like hours older). It’s got 18 minutes left to go!

I’m gonna enjoy sleeping. Tomorrow evening I am staying home and watching queer film submissions. We are making some final decisions on the festival on Saturday, so I need to catch up.

Also later this week we are shooting ANOTHER video, which I think will be funny. We are just using cameras on our phones. So it will be a bit easier I hope.

I have nothing else to write! My arms hurt! I got my TAC final report in this evening though, so HURRAH for that!

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