Birthday Week but for sure No Birthday Sex

It’s Birthday Week! I am turning 39 on Wednesday. I am ancient! Ha ha no it’s cool, I like being older. I went with my friends Riki and Matty to High Park today to see the cherry blossoms, which were beautiful, and a stroll through High Park Zoo to try and find the capybara babies, but the capybaras were sleeping in their little house and we couldn’t see any of them. I was like “But it’s my birthday!” But that means nothing to a capybara.

Then we had Thai food and talked about tops and bottoms and switches and versatile folks and how there are a lot of bottoms compared to tops etc. etc. It was fun.

This evening I talked to my best friend Robin and that was nice, I’m hoping to see her this summer. ROBIN! 🙂

Tomorrow is a quieter day and I only have one thing to do, so I am going to try and finally do my laundry and also clean the apartment. I have a video shoot on the weekend so I need to get this place in order. I’m finally shooting the 2 Spirit video and it’s taken a long time to get off the ground. BUT NOW all is in place and it can happen.

I’m having a good week so far! Wednesday I go to a friends for family dinner, and Thursday I have a coffee date and also a dinner date (but the dinner date is with a friend not a romantic date). Friday I am doing therapy and picking up my equipment. Weekend is shooting shooting shooting. Then editing on Monday and sending in that video. That week is going to be more shooting for another video. Then I’m done that on May 8th and have to do some more shooting for ANOTHER video, but it’s an experimental one so I can do it more on my own.

WORK! Also I finally sent my outline off to the story editor/consultant and am awaiting notes on it.

But my personal life is pretty fulfilling these days. I’m having quality times with friends and doing more things and getting out and stuff. I went to a book launch on Saturday and I swear I got cruised by some cuties so that was fun. I like spring and how flirty people get. Like everyone is kind of frisky and single people get hopeful again and people are wearing less clothes and being super cute. And it’s just really nice, because sometimes the winter is grim. I mean I still had dates this winter, but there wasn’t that sense all over the place of people looking for people to kiss like there is right now.

I had a dream about someone I had a massive crush on when I was like, 19-20. I had two dreams actually. It was kind of funny because I hadn’t thought about her in a while, the last time I got in touch with her I was living in Saskatoon and far away from anyone. So I don’t know, I sent an email, because I’m curious and follow my stupid dreams ha ha ha! She’s probably gay married by now anyway. Or thinking I am very weird and still too young. BUT I’m turning 39!!! It totally isn’t a thing anymore. But probably she’s not going to email me back anyway.

Follow your dreams!

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