An Apple A Day

So I was woken up at 10am by my Doctor’s office calling to tell me my Doc wanted to see me sooner than the 24th. She wants to see me on Monday now.

And then I checked my phone and realized I have an appointment tomorrow morning to see my gynaecologist and get my results of my surgery, because they had to check the cyst under a microscope in case it has cancerous or pre-cancerous cells.

So I am a little worried, because it’s suspicious for my GP to want to see me the next business day after my gynaecologist appointment. And I just made an appointment with her to get referred for a screening for ADHD, which is not URGENT.

I mean she did just recently come back from a maternity leave, maybe she is just excited to see me? Ha ha yeah right! I’m her favourite patient! Lol.

Anyway, a whole bunch of stuff happens if they do find precancerous or cancerous cells, including a hysterectomy and losing my ovaries and having to go through menopause and be on HRT. Which I am not really into. I had an ablation to try and avoid the hysterectomy, but this would definitely change things.

So I am trying not to be a downer about it, because that might not even be what is going on. It’s just really suspicious.

At least it’s getting my mind off social media.

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