Nobody likes a Vagueblogger!

In a week I’m gonna be in Berlin! I’m pretty excited about it. I have a plane ticket, it wasn’t AWFUL, it was more than I budgeted for but it’s gonna be ok!

I have a dog sitter, but my ride there fell through, so now I need to get that straightened out. I have until Sunday to figure it out! Monday the dogs go and Tuesday I go, so time is ticking.

I have been having meetings, business-y meetings, and they are pretty exciting but nothing is definite yet. So I hopefully will know by the end of the week if things get the go ahead to tentatively go into motion. It’s pretty exciting. I’d love to blab more about it but I don’t want to jinx myself.

I just started a new script today for a short I want to make that might get me more directing cred. I’m hoping to apply for an OAC grant for it.

My video game is due August 18th, so the countdown is on. I need coding help, and to make a few more assets. But aside from that it’s on track I think. I need to figure out a few logic problems to how the game is going to go though.

I don’t even know why I’m writing a blog. Half the things going on in my brain or life aren’t even ready to be revealed yet. I got really into spilling my guts here, but things like romance, business, family issues, etc. can’t really be mentioned until things are more advanced or happening or official or whatever. So I feel like I come here all excited to post and then end up talking about Cinnabon!

But yeah! Berlin! 😀 I can talk about that! It’s happening soon! 😀 I’ve got myself almost all ready! It’s hard to believe I’m gonna be there soon! I haven’t been since 2012.

Anyway. BLAH! This meme currently represents my life:

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