Why am I writing a post this late? I actually have nothing of note to report. I did a talk in a Queer and Trans Studies class at U of T and it went pretty awesome. The class was pretty engaged, compared to other classes I have been in, which is good considering it’s the end of term and everyone is beat. I have another class to talk to next week, so that brings it up to three class talks for this year so far. Not bad!

I applied for a sessional job, and I’m not sure I’ll get it but I think I would be awesome at it if I do get it. So we’ll see.

People are terrible people on the internet. I’ve been loosely following the Jian Ghomeshi trial and its terrible outcome and there are not that many people on my fiends list who have celebrated the outcome. But the ones who did I am terribly disappointed in. Justice was not served. I don’t really believe in the legal system as an actual justice system. It’s a system of power meant to protect the kyriarchy. And no surprise the people who are now convinced those women are liars just happen to be men.

But people really aren’t terrible people on the internet, they are terrible everywhere, it’s just online you can find out what they are thinking.

BUT inversely, I know a lot of really good, positive people in my life who I interact with in my little queer/neechie bubble online and I’ve really liked having that safety zone. I’ve mostly kicked out people I have had the most aggravating interactions with off my facebook so it’s pretty nice now.

Some people say having a bubble of like minded people in your social network is a bad idea and making us think the world is a different place than it really is. But I think having a place free from toxic people is kind of refreshing. I wish I could do that everywhere.

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