Posey’s Bad Day

Around 1pm I found a bloody stool on one of the puppy pads the dogs use. The problem with having two dogs is that you won’t know which one had the bad poop until you see them do it again. But for whatever reason, I had a hunch it was Posey. So I started watching her, and called the vet and got an appointment for 5pm for which ever dog was having bad poops. I saw her going back there and having another bad poop, and then she had this terrible bloody watery diarrhea dripping from her bum for a while. I had a hard time waiting for her vet appointment. Especially since she was so obviously unhappy, and starting to retch, and I was getting really worried about her.
So at 4:30 I went to the vet, even though we just sat there for a half hour before her appointment. She was unhappy. The vet gave her a good exam, checked her belly in case there was an obstruction (she decided there isn’t), and gave her a rectal exam and took her temperature. She has a bit of a fever. The reasons for her bloody stool are varied! She could have gotten worms from snuffling at the ground on our walks. She could have eaten something that hurt her tummy. We don’t really know. But she has a dewormer and an antibiotic that also does something else.
They are both liquids and so far she is doing TERRIBLE at taking them, she tries to spit as much out as possible, so clearly I have to brush up on how to administer it better. One is a 3ml dose which is A LOT for a small dog. I would mix it up with food, but right now her tummy is so bad that she doesn’t want to eat her dinner. They sent her home with some canned wet food for gastrointestinal problems. But she is so unhappy that Little Mister ate her supper.
So I’m worried about her, but she is doing a bit better. She is still pooping blood, but they said that would happen for a while, and hopefully tomorrow she will start doing better. She’s gotten blood, barf, and shit on me, and at this point I have stopped changing my clothes. I really hope she doesn’t get any gross stuff on the bed, BUT if she does I will just have to do some laundry I guess.
Little Mister is perfectly fine. He’s been having a regular day, barking out the window, sleeping on the couch, walking around wagging his tail. He was sad when Posey left to go to the vet, but he was very happy when she returned.
I hope she feels better tomorrow. If she keeps getting worse I have to take her back. I think she will get better tho. I hope so!

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