Graduation is this week! So is ImagineNATIVE!

Mom is coming TOMORROW! We’re gonna have a cheap visit with not much eating out at restaurants, because both of us have to save money. BUT we do have tickets for ImagineNATIVE and we’re going to convocation and it’s going to be awesome.

I got my travel grant to go to Paris! 😀 So she and I are also going to Paris at the end of the month. She’s gonna fly over then the next day we go to Paris and the festival is going to billet us and we are going to try and see some things on the cheap there too.

We are going on a ghost tour of Paris on Halloween! 😀 SO AMAZING! I love ghost tours.

I have been spending money more than it is coming in, which worries me. BUT I did finish my OAC grant AND a Toronto Art Council grant application so in the new year HOPEFULLY some money comes in. Also I keep throwing a few dollars into 649 and Lotto Max, so there is a tiny slim itty bitty chance of suddenly gaining an immense amount of wealth. I think having hope is nice.

We are also traveling for a half day to the Palace of Versailles on the second day we are in Paris, which should be pretty funny. Mom wants to look behind the curtains for old poops because she says people used to duck behind curtains to poop. I once read a story about how these old ladies went to the Palace and walked around and saw all these people in period wear and remarked on it on their way out and no one was dressed like that there that day, so they think they went into some kind of time warp or something. Which sounds cool, I would be interested in that happening. Although I doubt anything that amazing will happen.

I graduate in the afternoon on the 15th, and at 6:30 that day my video screens at Tiff Bell Lightbox. So it’s going to be an exciting day!

I feel happy today, which is funny because I forgot my antidepressant this morning. I’m excited to see my mom tomorrow, and today was thanksgiving and Louis and I cooked a turkey and he made this great stuffed squash and it was all delicious and awesome. And my dogs are curled up beside me being adorable. And I am just generally happy for many reasons. So that’s a good feeling!

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