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And then it goes Sideways

So Grad went well! I have a degree! It looks very nice, way better than the one I got for my BFA, I might even frame this one. After that was a small reception, I filled up on chicken things and then we rushed to my screening. It wasn’t packed, which I was expecting because it was conflicting with the Canadian Shorts program. BUT the people who saw my video really liked it, so that was nice.

ImagineNATIVE was fun and I saw a lot of good films and visited with lots of people and it was nice to be there with Mom.

BUT on Mom’s last night in town we went to a friends house, and he got offended by her in the hour and a half we were there and after we got back to my house he called me up to yell at me about it. I got him off the phone saying she was in the other room and I couldn’t talk. Then he called me twice in a row and sent a text ordering me to pick up the phone, which obviously I didn’t because I could see this all going sideways and it was my last night with my Mom (until tomorrow when she comes back to go with me to Paris). So THEN he sends this really angry call out to me and my mom mostly addressed to her where he accused her of all kinds of things, most of which I really didn’t see happening. I thought he stepped over the line by attacking my mom, so we didn’t read the message until the next day after she got home. I sent him a long email explaining that he was out of line, that his call outs were getting inappropriate, that my relationship with my mom was more important than my relationship with him, and that he could keep calling out all the people he wants but he will be very lonely. Also I told him I didn’t want to be friends with him anymore. Then he fires back this “who the fuck cares” email, then like, two or three more angry aggressive emails, some in all caps and one where he called me a coward (I guess because I didn’t hate on my mom like he wanted me to). I don’t respond because I just want him to back the fuck off and go away. So a few days pass, I made a status saying we weren’t friends anymore and if people wanted to know more they could pm me. So a few people did, and everyone was appalled that he would attack my mom like that.

I honestly thought, no, maybe hoped, that that would be the end of it. But then on Friday he sent me this creepy drawing with the email title “a message from your grandma” who of course if you are following this blog you will know died in December of last year. So I was furious. This was just yet another line he crossed, and a creepy fucked up line to cross too. So I made a facebook status about it and friends were even more appalled and I got some people checking in with me and telling me about experiences with stalkers. And I asked a couple of other friends about how to deal with harrassment and they gave me the low down on dealing with the cops should I need to take it that far. I didn’t want to see his bullshit in my email inbox so right now it is sitting in a seperate folder called “Louis Evidence” and I have blocked his email addresses so that if I get something from him it will go to spam and not ruin my day.

I have blocked him on facebook and instagram, and if I knew which tumblr his was I would block it too but all I know is that it’s a porn tumblr. I have a few porn tumblrs following mine, oddly enough (I like never post porn on my tumblr so I don’t know why they follow me), so I’m not really inclined to go through my followers and block them all. BUT I mostly reblog things on my tumblr, and this is the only space where I talk about my life. Once in a while I talk about things on my tumblr but it’s pretty rare. I know I saw someone else who was getting stalked and wrote very publically about it on her blog, so if this continues I’m going to be pretty open about what is going on here.

So yeah, that was my fucked up week, after what was a pretty awesome week. On the other hand I know who my friends are now, and have gotten some really good support from my community. Especially my community back in Saskatoon, which is sort of heartwarming, especially since Louis called it a shitass town in that aggressive message he wrote to my mom. Like, yeah, slam my mom AND my hometown and then be surprised I don’t want to be your friend anymore? Jesus Christ on a cracker!

Also to be honest, this is part of a pattern of behaviour from him. And it needs to end. And if the only way to end it is by not engaging with him at all, then so be it. I saw him at the Peaches concert and he looked at me but I just kept walking. OH YEAH I saw Peaches!

Peaches was awesome! A highlight of my week! I went with my friend Margaret, who I didn’t know was going until the day of the concert because I was supposed to go with Louis. Margaret was lots of fun! I always like hanging out with her! 🙂 We used to date and also have lots of best friend history. She got me through some dark nights back in Vancouver. One of my favorite people!

Things are ultimately good though. I am going to Paris in less than 48 hours and I have tickets to go back to my shitass hometown (Saskatoon don’t worry I don’t think of you that way!) for a month at Christmas! With my dogs! 🙂

SEE two smiley faces in this crazy sideways post, life’s not all bad! ALSO Parisien Lesbians, need I say more?? 😉

Graduation is this week! So is ImagineNATIVE!

Mom is coming TOMORROW! We’re gonna have a cheap visit with not much eating out at restaurants, because both of us have to save money. BUT we do have tickets for ImagineNATIVE and we’re going to convocation and it’s going to be awesome.

I got my travel grant to go to Paris! 😀 So she and I are also going to Paris at the end of the month. She’s gonna fly over then the next day we go to Paris and the festival is going to billet us and we are going to try and see some things on the cheap there too.

We are going on a ghost tour of Paris on Halloween! 😀 SO AMAZING! I love ghost tours.

I have been spending money more than it is coming in, which worries me. BUT I did finish my OAC grant AND a Toronto Art Council grant application so in the new year HOPEFULLY some money comes in. Also I keep throwing a few dollars into 649 and Lotto Max, so there is a tiny slim itty bitty chance of suddenly gaining an immense amount of wealth. I think having hope is nice.

We are also traveling for a half day to the Palace of Versailles on the second day we are in Paris, which should be pretty funny. Mom wants to look behind the curtains for old poops because she says people used to duck behind curtains to poop. I once read a story about how these old ladies went to the Palace and walked around and saw all these people in period wear and remarked on it on their way out and no one was dressed like that there that day, so they think they went into some kind of time warp or something. Which sounds cool, I would be interested in that happening. Although I doubt anything that amazing will happen.

I graduate in the afternoon on the 15th, and at 6:30 that day my video screens at Tiff Bell Lightbox. So it’s going to be an exciting day!

I feel happy today, which is funny because I forgot my antidepressant this morning. I’m excited to see my mom tomorrow, and today was thanksgiving and Louis and I cooked a turkey and he made this great stuffed squash and it was all delicious and awesome. And my dogs are curled up beside me being adorable. And I am just generally happy for many reasons. So that’s a good feeling!