Monthly Archives: September 2015

Dog Walking in the Necropolis

So I had a busy week! I gave a talk in Lila Pine’s class and showed some videos. I went to a fundraiser for MMIW. I bought a soprano ukulele that is super cute and learned 3 chords and how to play Three Little Birds. I took the dogs to the vet for their second Leptospirosis booster shot and Little Mister got some pre-anaesthetic bloodwork for his upcoming dental cleaning. Both pups were very good! Posey growled a little but she didn’t need a muzzle.

Actually Posey has been making great strides! Yesterday we went for a walk in the Necropolis and she met a friendly yorkie and they traded buttsniffs and she wasn’t grumpy about it at all. ALSO she is better around Louis and other people who come to our home! I was a bit worried about her because she had some aggression issues, but she is starting to turn around! I am having some hopes that she will turn out to be a good girl! Cause she really is such a sweetheart once she trusts someone. Just this morning she kept showing me her belly for kisses and rubs. She’s adorable.

I’ve started knitting again, after not knitting for almost two years! I didn’t need to watch a youtube tutorial to pick it up again, which is a good sign! But I’m not doing anything fancy. Just knit knit knit. No purling. I’m making scarf #2 because the first one got stolen at the Mendel Art Gallery. By some HIPSTER SCUM!

That one was blue and this one is pinK! 😀

Mom keeps teasing me that the ukulele is popularized by hipsters, but I don’t care, I really just wanted to see if I can learn an instrument. If I do get into it I may move on to an acoustic guitar, but that’s off in the future. I’m not really anticipating doing any public performances, I mostly just want to play it at home. Although there are some uke jams around town apparently, which could be fun.

I am really liking spending time at home these days. I need to get some groceries tho. I am also working on an OAC grant for the 1st. AND I have a table read coming up of 10 minutes of my script on the 30th. It’s for a showcase of work from my classmates. That and the convocation on October 15th and I will be done everything for school! No more!

I’m waiting to hear back about a travel grant I applied for to go to Paris. It’s at the end of October. I hope I hear soon! I don’t want to buy tickets until I know it’s a for sure thing.

Career wise, things are good! My new video will premiere October 15th at 6:30 before Esprit De Corps at ImagineNATIVE. I may be showing that video at another event in San Francisco. I might be going to Glasgow in 2017. I still need a producer for my feature.

What else? My dogs are great. I love my dogs and they love me. I’m not dating anyone but I don’t really care either. I think if love wants to find me it will find me. I don’t have a crush on anyone at the moment either. So that’s fine.

I’ve been walking my dog in our new favorite walking place, the Necropolis. Which apparently turns out to be the dog walkers paradise. And there are a couple mourners now and then. Maybe I will meet another dog owner there one day.

I can’t get no Saphrisfaction

Turns out Saphris was NOT for me! I got a rash, and at first I didn’t put two and two together. And then I realized I got itchy the day after I first started taking it . . . I didn’t notice for over two weeks and by then it was bad and I had to rush to my doctor the day I left town for Saskatoon. She gave me an epipen and a prescription for my old trusty risperidone. So I went back on it and the rash went away.

Didn’t need to use the Epipen.

Saskatoon was a nice visit, I saw four friends and my Grandpa and spent lots of time with my Mom. Posey made friends with Mom’s new rescue dog Neville, they played chase a lot. He grabs ears tho, so sometimes she just wanted a break from him. I think she was sad to come home. She barked and cried a lot when we came back to the co-op. Poor dear!

My friend Erin had a lovely wedding. She had the quickest ceremony ever, I swear it took fifteen minutes! And the reception was great, out in the country.

I’m busy editing my video for ImagineNATIVE! 😀 I have some things ready for tomorrow, today was mostly converting and doing various technical things and then some basic editing. Konrad is helping me out! He’s not there tomorrow tho, it will be me on my own, but he is back on Wednesday!

Louis came over and the dogs had fun. They ended up hiding from us for a while even though I called them, until I finally brought out a hot rod, the wiener dog’s kryptonite! Two little noses poked out from under the couch!