Monthly Archives: August 2015

So tired!

I just spent a week on Manitoulin Island mentoring youth in making Super 8 Films. I’m so beat!
Then I came home with money in my account and called Teksavvy to get internet hooked up here (FINALLY!) and was on the phone for like, and hour and then got cut off. My calls were failing and I was getting mad at my cell provider, WIND, because they had kept cutting me off up north. ANYWAY finally I got through again and got internet booked and paid for through online banking. It took a couple of hours, the whole thing. Because I have a weird address.

And I got tenant insurance FINALLY which I was supposed to have since the 1st but no money.

ALSO I owe money at my old place and I went to pay that online but there is a hold on most of my money so I have to wait until Monday when my big direct deposit comes from Canada Council.

Canada Council’s money is late because they had a closed finances office for a while which caused a delay. So it ended up being way later than the promised three weeks. Monday my money should be in my account. It’s been so stressful. I hate money delays.

And then to have the bank put a hold on my big cheque! So annoying! BUT I have enough for now and it won’t matter on Monday anyway.

It’s my third night on Saphris. I just took it. It makes me feel stoned! I’m gonna hit the sack soon. The first night I had the worst restless legs. I googled and ativan gets rid of that, so I took that that night and last night. I’m gonna wait tonight to take another ativan in case I don’t need it. Some people say the restless legs go away after a couple nights.

I can feel it kicking in so I should probably go hit they hay!


I am writing this from the comfort of my new unit! 😀 I moved in yesterday. I used El Cheapo movers and they were SUPER GOOD! Came in right at the amount I budgeted for including their fifty dollar tip! Got everything done in about three hours, and only one thing got broken and that was due to my bad packing skills. I’ve got almost the whole apartment unpacked. There are about five boxes still left to go, but there were over 25 boxes originally, so I think it’s gone pretty well!

I LOVE my new space! 😀 It’s so sunny and beautiful and the dogs are happy and I am happy. There’s a sun porch and nice floors and I need curtains but it’s ok for now! The appliances are new so they are nice and quiet. I haven’t used the stove yet but it’s gas so that will be exciting.

There’s still some left to unpack and rearrange. BUT overall I am really happy with how things have turned out. The pups and I have gone for walks around this very big block, but we need to get a good longer route figured out.

I don’t know where the garbage, recycling, laundry, or storage is, so when the office opens again on Tuesday I have a lot of questions to ask of them. ALSO apparently tomorrow is a holiday, so it’s dubious I will get my grant money then. BUT maybe tuesday? Hope so!

I never want to move again! I want to live here forever! I have to be sure to be a good tenant so I don’t screw up! It’s in such a nice neighborhood and so close to downtown. I mean, basically it is downtown! I’m a block away from Riverdale Farm and the Necropolis and Parliament is just a short walk to get to some grocery stores. I’m disappointed in the selection at No Frills, but for basics it’s good.

And there’s a Loblaws just a short streetcar ride away.

Having all this light is amazing. I hope this place is warm in the winter. My friend Terri pointed out one thing that might make it a bit chilly, but I think I can insulate it when the time comes.

I’m kind of amazed by how much I have unpacked!